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Lenovo S660 Service Manual and Troubleshooting
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Repair of Lenovo phones

A well-known company for notebooks Lenovo recently introduced its first smartphone, thereby launching the production process of portable mobile devices. First and foremost Lenovo phones are multifunctional, design and low price. But the majority of users are increasingly complaining about various problems in working capacity, which forces owners to seek help from Lenovo service centers. The most common problems of Chinese handset phones are: - lack of strength of the case (damage to the screen, scratches or cracks on the case); - internal problems (software malfunctions, lack of network signal); - poor quality of the connectors (not charging, the sound in the headphones is interrupted).

Replacing the Lenovo microphone

The importance of the microphone Everyone understands that the main purpose of any mobile phone is communication, which must necessarily be two-way. This function is answered by a microphone, which is built into the device and thanks to it we are able to communicate with each other being at a great distance. In addition, it is thanks to the microphone that the user of the phone acquires the ability to listen to music, watch video with sound, adjust the alarm clock on his own device and so on. In general, it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of the top microphone of Lenovo.


Causes of a broken microphone


Lenovo microphone replacement may be required in several cases, but the most common types of problems are as follows:

  • The part is corny burned out and in a specific case it is necessary to replace the microphone, as the repair work of the desired result will not be exactly given;
  • The problem may be a malfunction of the headset or headphone jack. That is, the microphone itself will work, but due to the closure in the connector, it will be necessary to change it;
  • Too much moisture has got into the mobile phone. It is not necessary that water has got into the internal parts of the phone recently. Given the fact that the process of oxidation lasts for months, it is quite real that it happened even six months ago, but the consequences became visible only now;
  • Software failure. It happens that the microphone stops working because of some malfunctions of this kind, so the only way to solve the problem here is to completely reflash the device;
  • A breakdown associated with the microphone loop, since this is a fairly fragile detail. Most often, such problems arise when it comes to devices where a flip type microphone is observed.

Replace the top microphone Lenovo is quite difficult, so it is not at all desirable to perform such work yourself. The fact is that trying to repair one part, it is possible that an inexperienced and illiterate person in this case will be able to damage other parts of the phone. It is for this reason that it is best to trust the business professionals who, in the shortest time, and most importantly, qualitatively and safely, make a replacement for the Lenovo microphone.

Replacing the Lenovo Camera

Why is the camera broken?


 From time to time, mobile phone users complain that they have stopped working properly with a front-facing video camera. It is worth noting that such a breakdown may occur due to several reasons. The most banal reason for the ineffective operation of the camera is that there simply is not enough free space, and accordingly, you can not use it, since files can not be saved, or rather will not, where to store them. Sometimes you just need to turn off the device, turn it back on and it's likely that the camera will work again. But, there are situations and more complex, when the cause of the problem lies in the failure of the loop or chip. In such situations, you need to replace the Lenovo camera.


 The most popular types of malfunctions


 As a rule, the replacement of the camera is necessary after the following defects are observed:

  • Completely missing any image during the survey;
  • Autofocus is lost;
  • The image is frankly blurred and incomprehensible;
  • The camera does not work at all, that is, it does not even turn on.

Stages of replacement work


It is worth noting that the replacement of the front camera on Lenovo can be done independently, if you follow the correct algorithm of actions, namely:

  1. First of all, you need to completely turn off the device.
  2. Unscrew all the screws that hold the panel. To do this, use a special screwdriver, because with the help of conventional tools to make such work will be extremely difficult.
  3. Using a vacuum sucker, you need to carefully remove the panel, but do not press on the elements of the phone too much, since such a device is quite fragile.
  4. Gradually moving around the perimeter of the case you need to disconnect all the connections present.
  5. The small cogs are loosened, after which the display is disconnected without much difficulty.
  6. The battery is removed, but everything is extremely neat, as there is a serious chance of getting an electric shock.
  7. Eliminates the slot in which the CM card is located, and then release all the securely attached connectors.
  8. At the very end, you just need to remove the card, detach the necessary part from it and replace the Lenovo camera.
  9. Now it remains only to put a new video camera in place of the old one and assemble the telephone device in the opposite direction.

Replacing the Lenovo Sensor

The use of spare parts


Many, probably, are interested in the question about why a cable with Lenovo sensors is needed and what functions are actually performed by such components. If in short, the loop in the phone is needed to play the role of a connecting element between the other parts. In addition, it is through the loop that electrical signals are transmitted from one part of the phone to another, so it is really difficult to overestimate the importance of such a part. How to replace the sensor yourself In fact, a cable with Lenovo sensors is not as easy to replace as it might seem at first glance, but it's better to entrust this business to professionals. But, if a person decided to do the whole amount of work on his own, then first of all he must prepare a screwdriver with a small thread. Replacement of the loop with sensors up to Lenovo is carried out in several stages, namely:

  1. First you need to remove the back panel of the device, and then gradually the battery and the jack in which the sim cards are located.
  2. All bolts, which are fastening elements for the reliability of the phone, are loosened, and small plugs of rubber are also eliminated. It must be remembered that such details are rather tiny, so we need to put them in some kind of box, so as not to lose it.
  3. Now we need to disconnect each of the four loops that are present in the inner part of Lenovo. In order to detach directly that loop that has ceased to function properly, you need to raise the bottom of the board slightly, approximately to the level of 150 degrees, and remove that connector of the board together with the part we are interested in.
  4. The trail, without heavy labor, is withdrawn, and a new one is placed in its place.
  5. A new cable with sensors Lenovo neatly connects to the top of the case, after which it must be sealed with a special film.
  6. Now the loop slowly starts to pass through the main body of the device, and the existing connectors of the loop must be passed through specially created holes for such elements.
  7. After that, you can consider the process of replacing the loop with sensors successfully completed. The last step is that you need to assemble the phone in the opposite order before the way it was properly understood. But, in this there is nothing difficult, most importantly, remember the whole process of work and everything will necessarily happen.

Replacing the Lenovo battery

When should I change the battery?


  If the phone starts to discharge too quickly or does not turn on at all, then there is a need to replace its battery. Battery replacement Lenovo is not needed because there was some kind of breakdown, just in time, any part is worn out, since there is nothing eternal. Steps to replace the battery In order to replace the battery on a Chinese phone, the following algorithm of actions should be observed:

  1. At the first stage, you must unscrew all the screws that hold the back cover of the phone. If the holes are too tiny, you will need to resort to using a special screwdriver, but as a rule, you can remove such fasteners with any sharp object.
  2. After the screws have been unscrewed, the back panel is removed with the help of two thumbs. It moves about 3-5 mm. Now you need to take it for the protruding side, pull up and the lid can easily be removed. Directly the device itself needs to be put on some kind of soft object to avoid possible damage.
  3. The battery is disconnected. To do this, it is necessary to disconnect the battery with a slight movement of the hand and take care not to damage other parts of the phone, especially the elements intended for attachment.
  4. The battery is being removed, but it's not as simple as it might seem at first glance, since you have to act with utmost care. With a relatively large effort, you need to remove the battery, and it is best to use a conventional hair dryer for this purpose. With the help of this home appliance you can warm up the rear side a little and consequently the whole process will be much easier. Now, actually, the old and unnecessary battery is removed.
  5. The last stage, which consists in cleaning the internal parts of the phone, installing a new battery and assembling the device. Before installing the battery and collecting the phone, you must carefully clean all the details of the phone, as this seriously affects the efficiency of its functioning. For this purpose, it is recommended to use an ordinary cotton swab or a small rag, but we must remember that it is necessary to treat this process carefully, so as not to damage the elements of the device.
  6. After the battery on the Chinese phone has been replaced, it is necessary to fix it reliably, using screws and to assemble the case.

Replacing Lenovo's glass and display (Touchscreen + LCD)

The touch screen helps to perform all functions in Lenovo, creating SMS messages, listening to music, browsing the Internet, without a screen the phone would be useless. So it happens that the display is the most vulnerable part of the phone, because it often often appears small scratches, chipped or damaged. With the replacement of glass in the repair of mobile phones, more than 60 percent apply. This is already a common problem. Phones Lenovo series A, C, K have a fairly wide screen. Therefore, first of all he suffers directly.


Replace the glass on the phone Lenovo, you will not be difficult. Since the phone is Chinese, the display (Touchscreen LCD) original will be found simply. Lenovo itself is a cheap analog of more expensive phones, but its functionality and characteristics are liked and loved, almost everyone who was, familiar with it. How to replace the glass and the display (Touchscreen LCD) For Lenovo, use self-tapping screws for mounting.


Do not try to replace the parts yourself at home, this will at least lead to the fact that you will further aggravate the situation, or worse, you can damage other components of the phone. In this case, one replacement of glass on your Lenovo you will not do. The subtlety of this work is to get to the display itself, without damaging the other parts, and especially the motherboard, to properly disconnect the glass from the sensor. To understand what is to be faced when replacing the glass, let's consider the following: - It should be understood that the phone is touch-sensitive, and in these models the sensor is often connected to the glass. Therefore, changing the glass, and the sensor changes with it.


The cost of such a replacement will be much higher than the usual exchange of glass, due to the fact that the loop of the touch panel is additionally changing; - The screen of the phone consists directly of the LCD, which transmits the touchscreen image responsible for pressing and glass, and is the protection and decoration of the phone, but this module is whole and varies only as a whole; - The process of replacing the glass and display on the Lenovo phone consists of heating a special glue with a glue, with which the glass is glued to the sensor and then disconnected from the screen using special tools.


It is worth noting that it's only in the description that everything looks pretty simple, if you do it yourself, you can make a lot of mistakes, so it's better to entrust this matter to professionals and to be happy with the result.

Replacing the Lenovo speaker

In the world constantly there are various novelties which allow the person to use all new and new opportunities. The same can be said about mobile phones, without which existence on the planet is probably impossible to imagine. Why you need a speaker Any modern device from which the sound emanates is necessarily equipped with a speaker. The same applies to different models of mobile phones.


 If we talk about what exactly the function is performed by the speaker in the cellular phone, then it should be noted that this part is necessary for the immediate possibility of talking. In addition, it is thanks to the dynamics that it is possible to listen to music and various video recordings with sound.


 Causes of a speaker failure Sometimes you need to replace the Lenovo speaker on a Chinese phone and it may be due to a number of reasons. Speaking of what can lead to this part of the system, it should be noted that there can be several such problems. In some situations, replacing the Lenovo speaker on a Chinese phone can be avoided if the malfunction is not serious. For example, over time, any device clogs, in its interior fall into different things that actually affect the reduction in efficiency or because of which it completely breaks down this or that element. In general, breakdowns can be divided into two large categories.


 The first is when it comes to the fact that the speaker does not work only partially, that is, you can talk and hear the interlocutor, but the quality is completely different than it should be. The second group of breakdowns is already more serious variants of malfunctions when such element of the phone completely refuses to perform its functions. Of course, the second case is more unpleasant.


Speaker Replacement


Many believe that replacing the speaker on a Chinese phone is quite a complicated process and in such situations one should always seek help from specialists. In part, such people are right, but still, if you follow the appropriate instructions, make some effort and spend a relatively small amount of time, you can do it yourself.


 The main thing to remember is always that the mobile phone is a delicate and fragile device, and therefore, when replacing the Lenovo speaker on a Chinese phone, you must act with utmost care.