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Coolpad is a Chinese company specializing in producing top-notch smartphone. The main office is located in Shenzhen. Today the company produces phones and smartphones Coolpad, is on the third line of the entire volume of produced mobile devices in China and in ninth place in the world.

History of the brand and the development

Coolpad logo
Coolpad logo

The company was established 11 June 2002 as a limited liability company, a controlling stake in the company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange December 9, 2004, the trade confirmation code 2369. At the beginning of the way the company is well established itself in the Chinese market with inexpensive telephone industry, but quality models. Later it found its customer base due to the availability of mobile devices and their accessories.

Gradually developing, the company has made sharp jump in sales and has decided to extend the scope of its influence. Out on the trading markets in Europe, the company has for a long time could not succeed as compared to US brands, however, phones coolpad soon gained an audience and now the company's sales growth in Europe compared with previous years has increased markedly.

Coolpad Phones in China mainly acquires youth, as the device combines the rich content of the programs and the modern stylish design. However, there is absolutely a model for all users, as strict for work or a business meeting, and bright for a holiday or a friendly evening and a variety of sizes to help you choose the phone, based on the needs of the tempo and rhythm of life of the user.

A large number of coolpad phones have two SIM cards, allowing you to receive calls from two people at once and is always in touch, saving at rates of different operators. Excellent color reproduction, which is sensitive to any touch sensor and a wide viewing angle - all this makes the use of smart phones is quite convenient.

All phones are made of high quality plastic as a one-piece and provided with a megapixel camera (there are models with two cameras on the front and back of the phone). Video calls can be made using the front camera. Models coolpad phones have a powerful battery that can withstand a few hours of intense stress, and at the lowest cost of energy does not require recharging all day.

Software supported phones Coolpad, mainly android. Among the main features can provide support for Wi-Fi and GPS.

Today, the company is developing rapidly, and outputs to the markets of their new device. One of the innovations - was erasing the boundaries between tablet and smartphone with the release of the famous smartphone Coolpad Halo, which was sold at the beginning of sales in the amount of 50 thousand for 18 seconds. A feature of the smartphone has become a really big screen of 7 inches with a resolution of 1920 × 1200.

Despite the lack of confidence of European markets to the souped phone companies China Coolpad company managed to enter the world market of telecommunications and telephone. The company has established a strong and close relationship with a view to a strategic partnership with mobile operators.

Coolpad Halo
Coolpad Halo

Coolpad Company is now rapidly developing and surprised world markets by new stunning novelties. Erasing the boundaries between smartphones and tablets has allowed her to a whole new level.