Review of smartphone Doogee X5 Max: at least money for maximum flexibility

Doogee X5 Max Model released in 2016, and is a logical continuation of last year's best-seller in the segment ultrabudgetary Doogee X5. While one of the first companies managed to produce a very affordable smartphone with atypical for a budget device characteristics, and acceptable quality. On the model it has been in high demand, so the market quickly reacted to it, and began a fierce competition between mobile manufacturers in the price category "$ 100." See also: user manuals for Doogee smartphones

The updated model worked on the bugs of the previous version, improved features and added a lot of small changes. In the smartphone installed a new version of the operating system, large battery, and even a fingerprint scanner! The minimum price at the time of this review is $ 76. Let's see if the manufacturer was able to repeat the success of the previous model, and how much better than the usual Max X5.

Specifications Doogee X5 Max

There is a good chance that this device, thanks to an affordable price, and impressive stuffing, will become a model for the cheap and functional smartphone.


The housing is, given the current trend can not be called graceful - a brick with a minimum of fillets, 10.8 mm thick, 143 mm high and 73 mm wide. Weight is 168 g

Doogee X5 Max
Doogee X5 Max

Smartphone looks strict, even solid, and certainly better than the X5 2015. Housing materials - plastic, the side edges are painted under the metal. The front panel does not differ notable, touch control buttons have no backlight.

But the rear panel is a plastic matte finish, pleasant to the touch. Thanks to a special coating on the lid, the device securely in the hand and does not slip, however, the back panel collects good prints.

Power buttons and volume controls are located on the right side edge, MicroUSB connector and 3.5 mm - on top.

At the lower edge of the openings are provided for the main speaker. He alone is the right and the left of the hole - for symmetry.


The smartphone is equipped with a fiscal system on a chip: MTK MT6580. This 4-core 32-bit processor, the maximum frequency of each core can reach 1.3GHz. In idle mode at low loads or the kernel itself off, or reduced rate to certain values. This is necessary to reduce battery consumption. As GPU Mali 400 chip is used.

Device performance acceptable: interface "running" quickly, FullHD video is played back without delay (at a reasonable bit rate), the browser and other applications show a good performance. As for the game - Doogee X5 Max cope with any demanding 3D games. Naturally, in view of budgetary iron the most "heavy" toys will be running with reduced graphics, for optimum performance.

When there is a large heat loads on the rear side of the housing, to the right of the chamber, appreciably after it evenly across the plane of the back cover. Performance is not affected, in addition, the housing becomes hot, warm and simply. The synthetic test AnTuTu iron capacity of this unit is estimated at about 25 thousand. Points, that is not the worst figure among the budget devices. Owners manual for Doogee.


During the year, the volume of memory has not increased: RAM all the same 1 GB built-in storage capacity - 8GB. As practice shows, 1 GB of RAM just enough for a "workhorse." Performance at a decent level, you can run multiple applications simultaneously and switch between them as needed without any problems.

Of the 8 GB of internal memory available 4.5 GB after the first turn. To install a set of useful applications, it is enough, but for resource-intensive games - is not. Fortunately, the phone has a separate connector for external storage format MicroSD. With it, you can expand the memory by selecting the USB flash drive settings as a place to install the software.

Battery life

Doogee X5 Max is equipped with a removable battery capacity of 4000 mAh. Needless to say that this is a very respectable figure for this class of device. A fully charged battery lasts for 2-2.5 days moderately active use at thrifty users gadget will last longer. The continuous video playback FullHD mode, the battery lasts for more than 8 hours.

With the power adapter from the kit apparatus 1A will be charged a little over 4 hours. Unfortunately, X5 Max will not charge the power adapter 2A power, it takes a maximum of 1A. Features fast charge either.


The smartphone has 2 cameras (main and front) to 5 MP. The resolution software interpolated up to 8MP in both PV modules. The camera interface is standard for Android, but with one unpleasant feature: Each time you start have to disable Face Beauty mode. The main camera is equipped with autofocus, flash and monochrome, which is very dim, compared to many other devices.

Example picture on the main camera smartphone Doogee X5 Max
Example picture on the main camera smartphone Doogee X5 Max

Despite the good color reproduction of the images have low granularity, and "sin" grit. In the afternoon on a sunny day, you can achieve a more or less acceptable results using the HDR mode. He lightens overly dark areas, making the color of the sky more natural, and at the same time enhances the detail of objects. Inside the camera is so-so, the flash helps to correct the situation, but only a small fraction.

Video is written in the resolution FullHD. Quality is acceptable, for this smartphone. However, the frame rate of 22 FPS, which affects the smoothness of the video is not the best. Focusing only possible by touching the screen. Recording which two-channel (stereo) sound. The front camera takes a more or less tolerable, the main thing - the presence of good lighting


Five-inch screen got HD resolution (1280 x 720), and IPS matrix with a pixel density of 294 ppi. The stock of maximum brightness is quite good, it is enough that the image is readable in the sun. The picture is good both in definition and in color rendering. The point is, MiraVision settings screen, you can manually set the parameters of contrast, brightness and color saturation of the image.

The sensitivity of the sensor is good, he quickly and accurately responds to touch. The number of simultaneous touches possible - only 2, but with work or games no problems observed. The smartphone comes with a film on the screen, so check oleophobic coating is not possible. Most likely, it does not exist, or it is very weak.

Networking Capabilities

The device 2 sim-cards, slots are located under the removable cover. It can work on 2G and 3G networks. Supports Bluetooth 4.0, a single-band WiFi. By the speed and stability of the wireless transmission of the complaints. But there are those for GPS operation. For satellites the unit is connected reluctant, half-hour cold starts do not give much success. You have to manually or through a special program to update the almanac, then navigation is operating normally. OTG is not supported, although otherwise indicated on the manufacturer's website.


Main speaker sound pretty loud, but the maximum value can be heard creaking. The settings in the "Better Sound" disable BesLoudness, and get enough clean sound, with the volume at max level decreased by 10 per cent of some sort And the headphones sound great when you connect the headset user will receive good quality sound. The speaker volume is normal, the interlocutor can hear perfectly. With the microphone sensitivity is no problem.

The software part

Out of the box Doogee X5 Max runs on OS Android 6. It's great that there is a manufacturer who produces a cheaper device with the current software and not obsolete. Moreover, the optimization is wonderful, everything works smartly and sustainably. Supports wireless OTA update the firmware. Firmware shell slightly processed, pre-installed applications a bit, but the software firm "chips" - the mass. About them below.

Individual characteristics and additional features

  1. In Doogee X5 Max has a fingerprint reader. At the moment, it is not inserted even more expensive smartphones. Works sensor quickly detects prints without error.
  2. The firmware sewn scanner QRcode. It can be found in the Settings section. Appendix multilanguage, preserves the history of scanned QR codes, you can share results (link) into your browser, or send to a friend.
  3. "Load Turbo mode" you can find the item in the settings. When activated, it uses WiFi and 3G networks simultaneously for faster loading of large files over the network.
  4. Doogee X5 Max - one of the most affordable smartphones with a really long battery life and a good autonomy.
  5. There is a built-in ability to duplicate the necessary applications, and connect to different accounts. For example, the user may be 2 different accounts on a single smartphone VK.

Pros and cons Doogee X5 Max


  • cost;
  • fingerprint sensor;
  • battery and autonomy;
  • many built really useful software features.


  • for normal operation of GPS need "dancing with a tambourine";
  • little rattles the main speaker (fixable);
  • weak flash (and hence flashlight).