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Jiayu - this is one of the major manufacturers of smartphones Jiayu Southeast Asia. Design of smartphones the company stands out strict forms, eliminating unnecessary elements. Electronic filling these mini-computers competes with famous brands, including power. The enterprise produces systematic studies that form the basis for the creation of high-tech smartphones. Furthermore, Jiayu Electronics Technology holds the entire process, up to the implementation and service mobile. phone PDF manual

Jiayu G5
Jiayu G5

Baoji Jiayuyutong Electronic Co., Ltd established in 2009, being the tech enterprise specializing in mobile communication, research and development as well as production, sales and service. Jiayu Company employs more than 800 people. All the engineers and technicians of the company has about 60 employees. Today, the manufacturer Jiayu has 10 complete product lines, 2 laboratories, a variety of advanced testing equipment, also has a presence in the production line of mobile devices, as well as personal management.

Company `s logo

Seedling with JiaYu logo is derived from the combination of the first letters of Jia & Yu. The essence of the image is fast-growing plants that will become sublime tree. Meanwhile, the seedling represents great vitality that allows to grow out of earth and stones. JiaYu company opens stores throughout China, with the points of the same type design for the implementation of the manufacturer. White characters on a green background, no doubt, can become quite recognizable.

Over the marvelous name of Jiayu - lies a big factory in China, producing Chinese phone Jiayu good quality. At the same time the company has a substantial sales force, which is not typical for large enterprises in China. Production of the brand is located in the industrial district of Shenzhen. The process of organizing the production does not stand out, but in case of Jiayu interesting specific marketing approach.

Packaging of mobile devices

Jiayu G6
Jiayu G6

With this guide Jiayu Company announces plans to open representative offices in the CIS countries. In addition, it plans to open a full-fledged service centers to support consumer brand. Whereas, to meet the needs of large foreign markets, obviously experiencing the goods deficit will be increased production, by transferring production assembly outsourcers that have a great opportunity. Such a tactic would lead to an increase in the volume and quality of the manufactured product. The company certainly values its reputation and is going to meet the buyer.

The basic advantages of the brand are quality and parameters produced Jiayu phones that are able to compete with well-known manufacturers in content, speed of action and the operation of systems of time offline. Exit on such indicators of the company production was possible thanks to the assembly of mobile devices on the profiled companies producing components for Nokia and HTC. Among which the matrix necessary for body Jiayu smartphone.

Using equipment supplied by Germany and Japan, the plant produces circuit boards, which leads to the minimization of product reject rate, because it is well known that in the board are the key problems that are associated with the stable operation of the phone. On the basis of such technical perfection Jiayu able to offer a competitive price. In this regard, the company's product is in great demand among consumers.


Recent developments are fitted with a more powerful metal, along with an elegant design, using high-quality plastic and glass. Smartphones Jiayu not inferior to the thickness of the product manufacturer as Huawei P 6. The latest models of smartphones contain eight cores MTC, which has a significant impact on the expansion of memory up to 2GB, and support micro sd up to 64 GB.

In addition, the device is planned to install FullHD display. Wireless charging also belongs to the Jiayu company developments. Significantly more first-class functional and cost smartphones are interested in brand name, especially considering the fact that the work of devices built on Android trending axis.

The success of the brand originates from the well-known model G2 and the emergence of the slogan: "Chinese phone Jiayu with the European quality." The company works exclusively with smartphones, which are CE certified and thus the relevant legal restrictions on the sale in the EU. The display, for example, which is supplied by LG is extremely scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. Another feature of Jiayu phone is the ability to operate two SIM cards at the same time in a smartphone.