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Micromax Canvas 6 with metal body
Micromax Canvas 6 with metal body

Micromax Mobile is an Indian consumer electronics company. The head office is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. Micromax started working as a software company in 2000 and operated on embedded platforms. The company entered the business of mobile phones and became one of the largest Indian companies producing phones operating in budget segments in 2010.

The association was registered as Micromax Informatics on March 29, 2000. The organization began selling mobile phones in 2008 with an emphasis on low prices to compete with other brands. Because of power problems in Devas, Rahul Sharma saw how the OPP is charged by the battery of the truck, and then he decided to produce phones with extended battery life. Micromax launched its first phone with a monthly backup battery charge, known as the X1i. In 2014, Micromax surpassed Samsung, becoming the manufacturer of mobile phones, which made the largest number of traffic in one quarter in India. On January 24, 2014, Micromax became the first Indian mobile company to start sales in Russia.


In December 2014, Micromax sued the Chinese manufacturer of smartphones OnePlus. It was alleged that OnePlus violated Micromax's exclusive rights to distribute products based on CyanogenMod in South Asia. The Supreme Court of Delhi temporarily banned OnePlus from manufacturing smartphones based on CyanogenMod. However, soon the Chinese company said that its version of CyanogenMod differs from the one produced by Micromax. Later, an exclusive agreement was concluded between Micromax in the US and OnePlus.

In 2011, Micromax entered the tablet market with the Funbook series. Micromax launched the flagship Octa Core smartphone, named Canvas Knight A350 under the slogan "Can be Furiously Fast" in January 2014 in Russia. In 2014, Micromax launched its Android One smartphone, known as the Canvas A1. In November 2014, Micromax partnered with Cyanogen Inc to provide Cyanogen, based on smartphones in India under the YU brand. On June 17, 2015, the company released the Micromax Canvas Silver 5, which they claimed was the thinnest phone in the world.


Although most of the smartphone Micromax runs on Android, the company also sells smartphones running Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1. Micromax released two Windows phones in June 2014, Micromax W092 Canvas Win and Micromax W121 Canvas Win at a price of ₹ 6500 and ₹ 9500 respectively.

Since April 2014, they have started the production of LED TVs and tablets at their plant in Rudrapur (SIDCUL), Uttarakhand.

Phone and smartphone models

Micromax Canvas Spark 3
Micromax Canvas Spark 3


  • Micromax X081
  • Micromax X088
  • Micromax X098
  • Micromax X245
  • Micromax X249
  • Micromax X267
  • Micromax X281
  • Micromax X337
  • Micromax X352
  • Micromax X1800
  • Micromax X1850
  • Micromax X2050
  • Micromax X2401
  • Micromax X2411
  • Micromax X2420
  • Micromax X2814
  • Micromax X2820
  • Micromax X405
  • Micromax X705
  • Micromax X401
  • Micromax X228
  • Micromax X700





  • Micromax Canvas Pace Q415
  • Micromax Canvas Engage A091
  • Micromax Canvas Quad A092
  • Micromax Canvas Fire A093
  • Micromax Canvas Social A94
  • Micromax Canvas Fire 2 A104
  • Micromax Canvas Viva A106
  • Micromax Canvas Fire 3 A107
  • Micromax Canvas Beat A114R
  • Micromax Canvas Tube A118R
  • Micromax Canvas Elanza A121
  • Micromax Canvas HD Plus A190
  • Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini A200
  • Micromax Canvas Knight Cameo A290
  • Micromax Canvas Knight A350
  • Micromax Canvas Spark Q380
  • Micromax Canvas Spark 3 Q385
  • Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G Q413
  • Micromax Canvas Power AQ5001
  • Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 Q450
  • Micromax Canvas Spark 2 Q391
  • Micromax Canvas Power 2 Q392
  • Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 E313
  • Micromax Canvas Magnus Q334
  • Micromax Canvas 5 E481
  • Micromax Canvas Magnus 2 Q338
  • Micromax Canvas Selfie 2 Q340




  • Micromax Bolt A28
  • Micromax Bolt A36
  • Micromax Bolt A59
  • Micromax Bolt A61
  • Micromax Bolt A69
  • Micromax Bolt A79
  • Micromax Bolt A82
  • Micromax Bolt D200
  • Micromax Bolt S300
  • Micromax Bolt D320
  • Micromax Bolt Q324
  • Micromax Bolt D303
  • Micromax Bolt Q335
  • Micromax Bolt Q346
  • Micromax Bolt Q383
  • Micromax Bolt Q4202