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Replacement Sensor Alcatel 6012x

If you have a model of the device 6012X or 6012D and you began to notice problems with the sensor: the screen changes sharply images, false presses, etc., it may seem that the phone lives its own life.


Discharges to factory settings do not work. At the time of this writing, only one treatment is to replace the display module.


Check if the device is under warranty, then return it to warranty repair. The manufacturer knows about this defect and is working on software elimination of this problem. In the meantime, the ACS is changing the display module under the warranty to a module of another revision in which there is no such problem.


If you do not have a guarantee and have a desire to change the module yourself, read below:

The case is easily disassembled with a plastic card. Beforehand, do not forget to unscrew the small screw in the memory card slot. After removing the back of the case you will need to unscrew the 2 screws holding the board and the 2 bolts securing the battery contacts.

Remove the battery. Carefully remove the adhesive tape from the connector of the cable (next to the power button)


Carefully remove the board, after unplugging the power button and the volume from the case and disconnecting all the cables from the board

For repair, you will need a new revision sensor and an adhesive to glue the sensor into the housing (although quite often the sensor can be peeled off without damaging the old adhesive)

The module on this model is not easily peeled off, heat the display glass up to 80-90 degrees with a hairdryer and pick up the module from the side with a sharpened plastic card.

With yellow plume module old revision, black coated new revision
With yellow plume module old revision, black coated new revision

At observance of elementary accuracy all varies without problems and quickly enough, at me all work occupies 10 minutes.


If the replacement module is not your option, then maybe the manufacturer will be able to defeat these glitches programmatically. In firmware 01004 the improved work of the sensor is stated, try it maybe you will help.


Good luck!