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Cat S60
Cat S60

Cat phone

A Cat phone is a phone by Caterpillar Inc. that runs includes a smartphone and regular phone line. The smartphone version runs on the Android operating system. The first phone, the Cat B25, was announced and released in 2013.


Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) - one of the leading corporations of the largest machinery in the world. It produces earthmoving equipment, construction equipment, diesel engines, power plants (using natural and associated gas) and other products, as well as shoes. Recently, also protected by mobile phones and smartphones. As a part of more than 480 units located in 50 countries on five continents. In Russia, it has its own factory in the Leningrad region, Tosno (since 2000). Headquartered in the United States.


Caterpillar Tractors, producing and now became one of the first products of the company.

It happened at the junction of the XIX and XX centuries. While Holt tractors and Best started to use in US agriculture for plowing farmland complex.

At about the same time as in the United States, Russia and steel companies use Caterpillar technique; manufacturers have collaborated with both Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union in the 1920s.


In 2011, Caterpillar acquired for $ 8.8 billion company Bucyrus International, after which it became the largest manufacturer of shovels.

Currently, the lineup offers a complete range of this type of technology:

  • Hydraulic, from mini excavators weighing less than a ton, medium, heavy and up to the world's largest hydraulic excavator, the FS 6090, weighing 980 tons and bucket capacity up to 52 cubic meters.
  • Electric rope excavators "shovel" to scoop 6.9 - 61.2 cubic meters.
  • Dragline buckets 32 - 132.5 cubic meters

Other production

In addition to heavy machinery, of Caterpillar produces a "durable" mobile phones for severe conditions (mud, being under water), construction tools, clothing, watches, shoes and hats.