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Battery for Huawei Honor 6 fits from Honor 4x

A client came to us with a request to change the battery on the Huawei Honor 6 phone as the old battery no longer holds a charge and is quickly discharged for a day.


Our master searched for all the stores of the crust and was not found anywhere else.


But we all remember that there is an interchangeability, even if in due time on elite Vertu phones the batteries from Nokia phones came up.


We take number HB4242B4EBW of this battery and look at what other phones this battery is put. It turns out that it is suitable for Huawei Honor 6 and Honor 4x.


In a wholesale warehouse such a battery is available, although it is only sold for honor 4x.


We put it on honor 6. Everything works fine. The phone is beautifully charged. The client was satisfied.