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gigabyte company history

GSmart (GBC) - Taiwan supplier and manufacturer of communication devices. The company was founded in February 2004 and is part of the «Gigabyte Group». Headquartered «Gigabyte Group» is located in Taipei, capital of Taiwan. Chairman of the company - Yeh Pei-Cheng. Production facilities are located in the heart of Taipei, and have two factories in China - in the region of Hong Kong and Shanghai. The development team is located in the headquarters in its own building. There are about 7000+ people, of whom 60% are employed in product development. «GSmart» is a subsidiary of «Gigabyte» computer giant. The name «Gsmart» logically stems from two words «Gigabyte» and «smart».

Gigabyte appeared in 1986 and was founded by five students, classmates. While it was a very small company, and its creators have serious work to do to make the company what it is today. Initially, the company only engaged in the development boards, ordering the production of other companies, and then, step by step, began to develop their own capacities.

Company «Gigabyte Communications Inc» (GBC), which is part of «Gygabyte Group» was founded in February 2004.

The first device on its own brand «Gsmart» company released not so long ago - in late 2005.

In June 2015 the company announced its decision to withdrawal from the market of smartphones. Shutdown will not affect the staff. Employees who were employed on the mobile unit, redistribute on other teams.

The company's success, as the ODM partner, significant. For example, the operator "O2 Asia» cellular gave «Gigabyte Communications» the lion's share of smartphones "O2 XDA» orders, abandoning Asustek services (the reason was the use of the Asus-om 3G-chips from the company Intel, which less efficient than 3G-chips Qualcomm ). As a result, the volume of orders the company even surpassed Quanta Computer, the manufacturer of smartphones series of O2 Xda Atom, and Arima Communications, producer O2 Xda Flame.

In 2006 the company Gigabyte Communications has won a prestigious award from JIDPO (Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization) on «Good Design Award 2006" competition. Communicator GSmart i is awarded for the design in the category "Mobile phones and mobile products."

GSmart Company in 2006 launched the world's first smartphone with built-in analog TV tuner (NTSC / PAL / SECAM) - GIGABYTE GSmart i128.

GSmart Company in 2007 launched the world's first smartphone with built-in digital TV tuner (DVB-T, DVB-H, T-DMB, DAB) - GIGABYTE GSmart t600.

GSmart Company in 2011 launched the world's first smartphone with two SIM cards in the OS Android 2.2 - GIGABYTE GSmart 1315,1310,1317D, 1345,1355.