Instructions - how to hack a password on your smartphone?

If you have forgotten your password, then surely you will be interested to learn how to crack the password on your phone (but to flash a Chinese iPhone 4s, remember a password is optional). This procedure is usually performed using special applications. You will be able to provide professional assistance to experts of service centers, because they are often treated with such requests and they have the relevant knowledge, equipment and software. But if you want to try on their own to carry out such a procedure, then this review will help you.

Options for password cracking on your phone

We describe how to crack the password on the phone. To break the old patterns, there are special calculators that on the basis of the entered data about the phone generate specific universal master codes. By entering the phone code like this, you can bypass the user password, it was done deliberately to master service centers. But over time, manufacturers have questioned the feasibility of such a simple approach and the principle of complicated bypass the user password.

For newer models have the option to bypass the password using the command return to the factory settings. These commands may vary not only from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from model to model. For example, many models of Samsung, you can try to type the command * 2676 * 2878 #, but keep in mind that there will then return to the factory defaults, then there is even a Clear phone book. Some phones reset is performed through a special service menu. In many HTC phones, for example, just press the volume down and power momentarily, and then select the «reset» and then the settings will be set to the default value in the menu.

Another way to break the password is the use of special programs. They have direct access to the resources of the telephone, and then generate a password for you to enter it, or throw themselves installed protection. Here is a list of some of these applications.

List of programs - crack passwords on your phone

A series of programs: Unlocker Unlocker and 2, as well as Universal Simlock Remover - helps unlock a lot of phone (even if it's gray mobile phones) from the very old to fairly new. You can also look CyberBOG, he also deals with such things. But Phone CORD PACK contains a database master code input which will bypass the specified password.