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TCL - a Chinese company for the production of mobile and household appliances, founded in 1981 and headquartered in Huizhou, China. TCL stands for "The Creative Live".

The company once enjoyed great popularity, and in 2010 and does become significant in the company's history, it was then, TCL took and held 25th position in the list of the most popular manufacturers of home appliances and was the third largest company producing TV sets, losing the first two Samsung places and LG .

TCL logo
TCL logo

In spite of the variety of spheres of activity of the company, it will be just about mobile devices.

You can find the device as a middle class among the entire range of relatively low cost, as well as more expensive options with the advanced filling. Almost all smartphones have tcl excellent exterior design and good workability of the operating system. The operating system for all devices - Android.

Due to the high degree of optimization software for each phone model, user will not notice any jerks or frequent failures in the system. By the same volume, you can always expect to receive timely updates, firmware version, and it is extremely important if you are going to use the current versions of applications developed by third-party developers, because they tend to focus on the latest version of Android.

TCL Company is considered to be very popular, and its products are exported well to Europe, America and other regions. So, find tcl smartphones today will not be difficult. Nevertheless, there are some recommendations

A wide selection of smartphones presented on the online trading platform - Aliexpress. It is there, you can see almost all phones tcl and choose the right model, then ordering it from a reliable seller, in addition, to protect themselves from not only against counterfeiting, but also from all sorts of overpayments that are so fond of taking retail stores.

TCL S950 idol X
TCL S950 idol X

About as tcl products, including smartphones and judged numerous user reviews, most of which is positive.

Numerous experiments use tcl art speak only of its reliability and high quality. The Company monitors its reputation and trying to prevent the release of poor-quality goods, so buying another smartphone tcl can be quiet without fear of unwanted surprises.

The TCL smartphone user manuals are not available at the moment.