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Vertu - a British company, established in 1998 as Nokia's subsidiary, for the production of high-end mobile phones. Models are made of gold, platinum, Liquidmetal alloy, titanium alloy, polished steel of high hardness, and are positioned as high-end phones segment. Owned by the Swedish investment company EQT Partners AB.

Vertu phones are produced in Krukhem Church (United Kingdom). The company is headquartered in Church Krukhem with offices in Moscow, Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, Singapore, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. Director-General is Massimiliano Polyani, chief designer - Frank Nuovo.

As the name had to use a word beginning with the letter «V», as it was already under way to develop the design based on the shape of the letters. As a result, there was a choice between the names Voce and Vertu. Vertu has won.

Vertu (French vertu -. "Virtue and dignity"). In the XVIII and XIX centuries was associated with a small jewelry that people wore in his pockets (cigarette cases, snuff boxes). According to the creators of the phone, historical parallels were clear target audience.

Vertu Signature Diamond
Vertu Signature Diamond


  • 1997 - Frank Nuovo  begins to develop a new brand phones. The team also includes Nokia staff engineer Hutch Hutchinson (later it will become a major Vertu engineer), and President Nigel Litchfield , who served in the Nokia senior vice president of Asia-Pacific Operations .
  • 1999-2000 - finding solutions to the majority of technological issues and sourcing. By mid-2000, a fully modified logo of the future phone, an office and production space.
  • 2001 - tested some prototype components: developing a sound system, speakers are selected (task - to make it clear to others who do not see the phone that it plays Vertu), recorded the original melody «Sandpiper». In March, the first prototype is assembled. In October, the company won the right to put the trial on their phone packages - for the first time in the history of the Assay Office mark issued to the manufacturer of electronics for the electronic device.
  • 2002 - In January there was a presentation in the building of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, which was attended by 900 guests. At the time of presentation at Vertu was not fully working prototypes. In August, we began selling Signature phone. The first work phone number 1 on the body was Frank Nuovo. In 2002, the company has two stores and 20 points of presence. In December, it formed a team, which began work on a prototype unit Ascent.
  • 2004 - Presentation of the Ascent - the second device from Vertu (high-tech materials, leather inserts, the cost of 4,500 €). In the same year range expanded with new colors - red, blue and yellow (similar to the popular colors of sports cars, and later will be released a limited edition Ascent Racetrack Legends engraved in the form of "Formula-1" runs on the machine's back cover).
  • In spring 2012 the Financial Times reported, citing a source close to the company that Nokia is in talks to sell 90% of the assets of a private equity firm Permira. Later it became known that Vertu was sold to the Swedish investment company EQT Partners AB. The sum of the deal Nokia has not sounded, but, according to the latest reports, it was 200 million euros. The transaction took place in the summer of 2012.
  • In February 2013 the company introduced its first smartphone on the Android platform - Vertu Ti.
  • In October 2013 the company introduced a smartphone Vertu Constellation.
  • Quad-core smartphone business class Signature Touch was introduced in July 2014 .
  • In October 2014 the company introduced a more affordable smartphone Vertu Aster.
  • In November 2014 Vertu announced a partnership with Bentley by. It stated plans to release 5 phones within Vertu for Bentley joint project.


The most expensive model released by company - Boucheron Cobra, worth 217,000 €. The most expensive production model - Signature Diamond (62 000 €).

For phones from the Signature and Ascent collection was manufactured and tested about 940 parts. In the design of the upper part of the front panel is used Vertu phones «V» stylized letter. It also outlines used to display the form and keyboard.

Vertu Boucheron Cobra
Vertu Boucheron Cobra