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Vivo Company specializes in the creation of intelligent and user-friendly for the users of products. The manufacturer pays special attention to the sound quality and high specifications. Due to this, the mobile devices can compete with other manufacturers and have sufficient demand and popularity.

The company has spent several years, to create a powerful and familiar to many brand, and continues to adhere to its original principles. As you can see, the Chinese market is not crowded with hundreds of models of this company, for trends diverge like hotcakes.

The emphasis the company makes - on researching and developing new and relevant solutions. This makes it possible to combine high performance devices in a compact design. Smartphones from VIVO can boast not only stylish, but also the original design.

One of the important phases of output is quality control. Despite the fact that the devices are going to Chinese factories, all products meet international standards, such as ISO9001. Mobile devices are dozens of tests before you get into the hands of the end customer, it allows the company to keep high-quality brand products.

At present the company employs 30 conveyor belts, which can produce up to one million units per month. It is worth noting the high level of technology and professionals who assembles smartphones.

That company VIVO launched the first smartphone with a screen resolution of 2K (2560 × 1440 pixels). Also worth noting is that the manufacturer has stepped stagnant phase in the production of mobile devices, which consisted in the amount of RAM 2GB in size. Due technology DTS Headphone: X, users can experience the audio emulation format 7: 1 or even 11: 1 in conventional headphones.

On top of that some smart phones are equipped with a fingerprint reader that allows you to convert your smartphone in guest mode, which in turn hides the specified files. Surprisingly, the developers have not sacrificed a rechargeable battery that allows you to use VIVO smartphones for several days, than can not boast of the flagships of other manufacturers.