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About the benefits of preventive cleaning of the phone

A cell phone, like any complex device, requires care in operation and periodic preventive maintenance. Prevention consists in cleaning the telephone set from dust and dirt, as well as from corrosion. Cleaning should be done at least once a year.


During operation, dust accumulates on the PCB of the cellular phone. In turn, this leads to a deterioration of the phone. The phone does not catch the network, the speaker and microphone do not work periodically, the phone does not charge. Also, dust can serve as a source of closure. In addition, dust accumulates condensate and moisture, and this already leads irreversible consequences.


Cleaning the cell phone takes place in three stages:

  • Clean the charging connector, the mechanism of the buttons, the surface of the display and the base of the board with a special antistatic brush, and all the adjacent connectors on the board. Cleaning of buttons, connectors, display.
  • Purge the board with compressed air. And the air pressure is selected based on the physical and chemical structure of the alloy of tin (it is a question of lead and lead-free solders).
  • Clean the board with a cleaner and handle with an antistatic solution.

Conclusions: Timely cleaning can significantly extend the life of a cell phone.