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The history of OPPO Electronics

OPPO - a company producing consumer technology. Founded in 2004, it has registered its brand in many countries around the world. In 2008, the OPPO came into the portable electronics segment and has launched its own production of mobile phones. The first models of the brand began to feature-backgrounds. Other division of OPPO Digital Inc., located in the heart of Silicon Valley in the United States, designs and manufactures high-end AV-equipment. In its product line OPPO Digital has a number of high-end Blu-Ray players, headphones and headphone amplifiers.

  • In 2005 the company launched the implementation of the first mp3-player on the Chinese market, and the first model of high-end DVD-player in the United States;
  • 2006 - Launch category of portable video players;
  • 2008 - launch of the first mobile phone;
  • 2009 - brand OPPO came to Thailand;
  • 2011 - launch of the first smartphone;
  • 2012 - production and sale of OPPO Finder - the thinnest smartphone in the world;
  • 2013 - the company's entry in the smartphone market in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia.

Distribution and market share

OPPO Electronics Corp. located on the 4th place in terms of smartphone sales in the People's Republic of China. The company has its own sales network of 2,000 stores, and can also count on the 40,000 sales outlets of its distributors.

In the second half of 2014 the company entered the Mexican market. Within two months of its share of the smartphone market was 2%. Now it is planned to open in the country their own shops.


The company has its own factory in southern China, in the district of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, using the most advanced SMT-equipment. Standards and production technology. All batches of products are hard QC quality control, followed by more than 1,400 engineers specializing in software (39% in the company is the software specialists).

OPPO top smartphone companies based on high-performance chipsets from Qualcomm - the global market leader of processors for mobile devices. Part of the 2013 model is based on the basis of the company MediaTek processors made on 28-nm those. process. OPPO first smartphone based on the Android operating system was released in 2011. In Russia, the company launched its sales from smartphones and OPPO Find 5 OPPO Finder X907, which since 2013 has officially sold in the Russian market. One of innovative smartphones to become OPPO smartphone OPPO N1, N2, N3, a PTZ camera, all three versions of the work on the company's Color OS.

Facts about the brand OPPO

  • The company's investments in technology OPPO design and amounted to USD 10 million only in 2012; 300 million dollars in the same year was invested in branding;
  • OPPO plant turnover in 2012 - $ 1.8 billion;
  • OPPO's own staff of engineers employs 1400 people (40% of the engineers responsible for the software); 6000 people work on assembly lines;
  • In 2012, the face of the brand in foreign countries has become Leonardo DiCaprio, OPPO promotional videos, more like a Hollywood blockbuster, got a general slogan «FIND ME»
  • Strategic partners are the OPPO company Qualcomm (USA), and MediaTek (China), the production of processors for mobile leaders.