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BBK logo
BBK logo

The company BBK - one of the largest brands, engaged in the production of various electronics. Country of origin of the brand - China. BBK Group of companies has been in existence since 1998 and successfully engaged in the production of household appliances and audio-video equipment. This company is very popular in Russia. Especially in demand products BBK in middle-class families because of the ratio of good quality and reasonable price.

The company's goal is the production of BBK access to a wide user of modern high technology implemented in all the latest discoveries and innovations in this field. BBK products consistently combine high quality and beautiful design techniques, easily recognizable to consumers, as well as advanced innovative functionality.

BBK Electronics Company cooperates with the most popular in the world of consumer electronics manufacturers such as RealTek, MediaTek, Ali Corporation and others. But while the company BBK does not just use other people's ideas to create innovative techniques and adapts them for a buyer at all levels.

BBK products are characterized by a modern but unobtrusive design that fits with any decor. Design phones, smartphones and tablets BBK meets all the latest fashion trends for such products. For example, BBK is smartphones have a very neat design, wide touch screen, minimal weight and easy to use. BBK Vivo X1 smartphone was officially recognized as the slimmest Pocket worldwide. its thickness was only 6.55 mm. But since BBK company has already released two more thinner model.

Brand BBK offers more than 20 different types of audio-video and home appliances. The company offers all digital devices, video entertainment, as well as portable and light engineering. Especially popular in recent years are smartphones and tablets BBK, which are not inferior in quality and design is much more expensive to manufacturers of gadgets on the market today. BBK also offers a variety of LED LCD TV, DVB-TV-receivers, a DVD home-theater, portable DVD-players, karaoke, a DVD player, various audio equipment and more.

Vivo Xplay 5
Vivo Xplay 5


You can buy not only cell phones BBK is, and wired and wireless phones. The company offers a wide range of mobile phone models. The market presents a model of any shape: candy bar, clamshell or slider - as well as any class. The consumer can buy a mobile phone BBK for any reasonable price for it.

The company offers a low-end models, and  phones business class. Smartphones BBK provide the ability to install any software and can perform a variety of functions, such as audio or video player.

At this moment there are no available user manuals for BBK mobile phones.