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LeEco history

History begins with Le TV, created in 2004, when the Chinese have already released their own cars, but also collected other people's phones in factories. Synonymous with the word "Chinese" was "defective." And yet - the cheapest. While Apple has taught children in factories accurately collect iPhones, Le TV develops its own TV. Several years later, the Asian market has been hammered copies of well-known smartphone with three or four SIM cards on the board and a TV. Smartphone without TV for the Chinese - a strange quirk of the white man. It is not surprising that Le TV acquired its half a billion users.

The Chinese love the TVs in smartphones, so let it be our smart phones, the company thought Le Tv, and renamed Le Eco. And they set up their smartphones, your TV, and then their cars - it is also somehow fits into the creation of an electronic ecosystem. In the span guys approached the creation of their cities, and even planets. Although the presentation they showed a virtual reality helmets - well, you can immediately own world.

And now a little more specific about what is so revolutionary presented at the presentation.

Firstly, fifty inch TV with a thickness of a finger and the price of the alternative world before the crisis. The subject of special pride of the head of the company for some reason was that it is possible to see nine channels simultaneously. At such sizes, of course, it's like nine little TVs, each in a large Asian family at a time.

LeEco PDF manuals

Secondly, three new smartphone:

Le 2 and Le 2 Pro - in fact one and the same model, slightly different iron parameters. Gone are the days flimsy plastic body in aluminum smartphone, high-quality glass, looks all together at the same time as the heir of the first models of smartphones from Le Eco and a modern smartphone in 2016.

Le Max - a flagship. 21 megapixel camera, the Snapdragon quad-core processor, RAM up to 6 GB.

Unfortunately, the entire line is no memory card slot, and built-in - 32 gig at the maximum of the first two models and 64 at Le Max. For some reason, people are voluntarily cut off a layer, loving clutter phone music, software and movies, mystery.

Another global disadvantage, which is presented to Le Eco as a step into the future - the lack of a headphone jack 3.5 mm. In Apple also has this habit to present controversial decisions as revolutionary, but here Le Eco seriously slashed. For audio is supposed to use USB Type-C with CDLA technology support - the new generation of the port to which producers dream to translate all produced gadgets. In any case - it is the same port that is used for charging. In terms of design will look luxurious, but to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time has not come out. Apart from that detail, that the headphone with the entrance in the market is very small.

But that is not all

After the presentation of virtual reality helmets - device that does not come out from the category of useless toys and even Le Eco left feeling "What was that?", Finally appeared the star of the evening - electric car Le See.

Le Eco involved in three such projects: Faraday Future, together with Aston Martin - RapidE and financed American start Atieva.

Le See differs from them in full self-government. And the fact that the concept car has left the stage under its own power, demonstrating that the company has more than serious intentions in this area. True timing of serial machines have not been named.

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