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Xiaocai logo
Xiaocai logo

Xiaocai Company began its journey with a budget 4-core smartphone. It is thanks to Xiaocai G6 public learned about the new mobile device manufacturers. It is worth noting that the company market by storm flow of clones does not conduct an aggressive company, but simply attracts buyers interesting solutions at a decent price. This is what creates the image of the brand and attracting new customers.

Xiaocai G6
Xiaocai G6

Soon it was announced a new smartphone that was more interesting characteristics, and thus was very cheap. All this gradually created interest and intrigue among avid buyers. Of course, competition among budget devices is huge, so the company decided to release something original. The result is a secure budget mobile phone, which again did not raised much excitement on the Internet.

As a rule, the majority of budget smartphones going from the remnants of the old components whose price drops sharply due to the position irrelevant. Here are just a few manufacturers can afford to use a powerful processor, and other characteristics necessary to be neglected. In this regard, the more liberally Xiaocai looks, because not ride up characteristics, and are approximately at the same level, because of which productivity does not suffer. As a result, the buyer gets enough performance device with a decent battery life.

Despite the fairly meager range of mobile devices, the company has a very nice online store, which provided detailed specifications and the possibility of buying. Also you can buy smartphones on popular Internet sites. With regard to service issues arise, but the cost of the device is that it is easier to buy new than to repair the old one.

If you need a reliable and cheap phone with support for two SIM cards, then you should pay attention to Xiaocai company's products. Because the price of the device, according to their characteristics, the minimum is obtained simply. A variety of versions allows you to choose a smartphone for their needs, and free shipping will allow once again to save.

Xiaocai mobile phones: Xiaocai G6 Elite, Xiaocai X800, Xiaocai x6, Xiaocai x9+ .

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