Doro phone user manual

Doro mobile phones for seniors

The Swedish electronics company Doro specializes in products designed to meet the needs of the elderly. Doro has been known for a long time as a specialist for senior citizens 'hands, and is one of the leading providers of mobile telephones in the senior citizens' sector. The company has already received design awards for some of its communications devices. With its "Business" segment, Doro still has a further business area, which mainly comprises telephones and office accessories.

Doro mobile phones for seniors - mobile technology from Scandinavia

According to the annual report, the company converted almost € 53 million in sales of electronic equipment in 2009. The focus was on the sale of Doro Seniorenhandys. In the same year, Doro expanded into the North American market and the Asia-Pacific region. The main market is Europe, where more than 50% of all senior citizens' handsets are sold.

Doro Senior Handys rely on common standards in this segment. Easy operation, combined with helpful functionality tailored to the elderly, outline the simple telephones of the Swedish group.

According to the company, the Group attaches great importance to the quality of its products. The efforts of the company Doro also apply to research in the field of senior citizens' handsets. New insights are being introduced in the production of mobile phones for seniors.

The flagship of the manufacturer is the senior handy Doro PhoneEasy 341 GSM. Other successful products in the range are the Doro PhoneEasy 332 GSM and the Doro PhoneEasy 410 GSM.