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Aoson logo
Aoson logo

A little-known Chinese manufacturer of mobile electronic equipment, however, is one of the few that is well represented abroad, including in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Basically, AOSON producing tablet computers, smart phones and accessories for them. It is sufficient for the successful existence of any Chinese manufacturer of electronic equipment. Let's turn our attention to each product category individually.


The company they really are not too many, tablet models can literally be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Almost every tablet Aoson has a pleasant appearance, is made up of quality materials and meet the minimum requirements of a modern performance, at least at the time of withdrawal.

It is no secret that the operating system in the majority of devices - many familiar to Android, that's Aoson tablet firmware - is no exception and is also based on Android. This has one significant advantage - like all Android-devices, tablets Aoson available a huge amount of all kinds of applications from Google Play The cost of these devices ranges from $ 40 to $ 200 US dollars.


Aoson M55T Feature
Aoson M55T Feature

In Aoson are also available arsenal and smartphones. They, like tablets, not a lot, but almost all of them - low. As part of the design, little distinguished from the models of other brands, work on all of the same Android operating system, without any special modifications. The average cost is not much different from the price of the tablet, so that, on average, for 1 smartphone you pay $ 100 US dollars.

Where can one buy Aoson smartphones?

Despite the great variety of different online stores, if you decide to purchase the products of the company - whether Aoson tablet or smartphone, it is strongly recommended to do so through a single trading platform - aliexpress. So you are guaranteed to protect yourself from fraud, additional overpayments and other troubles.

Excellent low-cost devices for everyone who is not chasing a resounding brand. All devices produced by the company, maintainable, and the quality of the build is always at the level, as evidenced by the grateful responses holders Aoson products.

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