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The History of Siemens

Siemens cell phones are cell phones that were manufactured by Siemens Mobile Siemens AG until 2005. It was in the handsets of this brand that innovations such as a color screen, an MP3 player, a slider form factor, memory cards first appeared. Due to the relatively high quality and relatively low cost, the phones were popular in the CIS, as well as in some European countries, for example, in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, etc. But since the 65th series, the popularity of the manufacturer in Europe has fallen dramatically.


Despite the fact that the phones of the 45th and 55th series were very successful, the released 65 series could not successfully compete with the phones of other manufacturers because of not very successful technical solutions and poor management. The 75th series did not correct the situation and in 2005 Siemens Mobile was declared unprofitable, and in October of that year it was sold to BenQ.

Siemens M65
Siemens M65

1985: Sales of the first Siemens mobile phone: Siemens Mobiltelefon C1 started.

1994: Siemens S1 - the first phone of the brand working in GSM networks was launched.

1996: The world's first cell phone with a color screen (Siemens S10), displaying four colors (red, blue, green and white), as well as the first phone with increased protection from external influences Siemens S10 Active.

1999: The world's first cell phone in the slider form factor (Siemens SL10) was created.

2000: acquisition of a mobile unit from Bosch.

2000: The world's first cell phone with MP3 player and support for MultiMediaCard (Siemens SL45) is created.

2003: Siemens MC60, the first brand phone with a camera, was launched.

2003: Siemens SX1 sales of the first brand phone on Symbian OS started.

2003: the sale of the first collection of the failed line of fashionable Xelibri phones started.

2005: sales of the first brand phone with GPS support and one of the first phones with full implementation of this function - SXG75.

2005: Siemens Mobile purchased the Taiwanese company BenQ, having organized the company BenQ Mobile GmbH & Co. KG. OHG. In this regard, it was planned to produce apparatuses under the BenQ-Siemens brand for 5 years, and later under the brand BenQ.

2006: the sale of the first phones under the BenQ-Siemens brand was started.

2006: Bankruptcy of BenQ Mobile GmbH & Co. KG OHG.

2007: Refusal of BenQ-Siemens brand in favor of BenQ.


The phones have the following classification:

  • A - budget phones that have only the necessary functions, have a low price.
  • With - phones designed for the average buyer, are endowed with more functions than budget, but in quality inferior to more expensive models.
  • E - fashion phones. Exceptional superiority, design and outstanding features (except Siemens ME75).
  • M - "sports" phones that have a protected or hardened casing and a corresponding design, the filling, as a rule, corresponds to class C.
  • S - business phones, are endowed with a large number of functions, have the appropriate quality of performance.
  • XF - "clamshell".
  • XL - sliders. (Exceptions - Siemens SL45, Siemens CL75).
  • XX - with advanced functions.
  • XK - phones equipped with a full QWERTY-keyboard (Siemens SK65).

Inside the class, the numbers have the following meaning:

  • The first digit indicates the generation of the phone. The first generation phones are also models in which there are numbers 1, 6, 8.
  • The second digit (1-9) indicates the level of functionality of the phone.
Siemens SX1
Siemens SX1

List of models Siemens and BenQ-Siemens, produced under the brand Siemens

Siemens A56i

Siemens A57

Siemens A60

Siemens A62

Siemens A65

Siemens A70

Siemens A71

Siemens A75

Siemens A76

Siemens AF51

Siemens AL21

Siemens AP75

Siemens AX72

Siemens AX75

Siemens AX76

Siemens C1

Siemens C2

Siemens C3

Siemens C4

Siemens C5

Siemens C7i

Siemens C10

Siemens C11

Siemens C25

Siemens C28

Siemens C30

Siemens C35

Siemens C35i

Siemens C45

Siemens C55

Siemens C56

Siemens C60

Siemens C61

Siemens C62

Siemens C65

Siemens C6C

Siemens C6V

Siemens CT65

Siemens C66

Siemens C70

Siemens C72

Siemens C75

Siemens C81

Siemens C110

Siemens CC75 (release canceled)

Siemens CF61

Siemens CF62

Siemens CF65

Siemens CF75

Siemens CF110

Siemens CFX65

Siemens CL50

Siemens CL55

Siemens CL71

Siemens CL75

Siemens CX65

Siemens CX6C

Siemens CX6V

Siemens CXT65

Siemens CXV65

Siemens CX70

Siemens CX70 Emoty

Siemens CXT70

Siemens CXV70

Siemens CX75

Siemens CX7V

Siemens CX7I

Siemens IC35

Siemens E10

Siemens E620

Siemens M30

Siemens M35

Siemens M35i

Siemens M45

Siemens M46

Siemens M50

Siemens M55

Siemens M56

Siemens M65

Siemens M65 Rescue Edition

Siemens M6C

Siemens M6V

Siemens M75

Siemens M77

Siemens MC60

Siemens ME45

Siemens ME75

Siemens MT50

Siemens P1

Siemens PenPhone

Siemens S1

Siemens S3

Siemens S3 Com

Siemens S3 Plus

Siemens S4

Siemens S6

Siemens S10

Siemens S10 Active

Siemens S11

Siemens S15

Siemens S16

Siemens S25

Siemens S35i

Siemens S40

Siemens S42

Siemens S45

Siemens S45i

Siemens S55

Siemens S55 Formula One

Siemens S56

Siemens S57

Siemens S65

Siemens S6V

Siemens S66

Siemens S75

Siemens S7C

Siemens SLV140

Siemens SG75

Siemens SF65

Siemens SK65

Siemens SK65 Burlwood

Siemens SK6R

Siemens SL10

Siemens SL25

Siemens SL42

Siemens SL42i

Siemens SL45

Siemens SL45i

Siemens SL55

Siemens SL55 ESCADA

Siemens SL56

Siemens SL65

Siemens SL65 ESCADA Rockin 'Rio


Siemens SL75

Siemens SL75 ESCADA

Siemens SP65

Siemens ST55

Siemens ST60

Siemens SX1

Siemens SX1 McLaren

Siemens SX45

Siemens SX45i

Siemens SX56

Siemens SX66

Siemens SFG75

Siemens SXG75

Siemens U10

Siemens U15

Siemens XL45

Siemens WristPhone

Xelibri line

Siemens Xelibri 1

Siemens Xelibri 2

Siemens Xelibri 3

Siemens Xelibri 4

Siemens Xelibri 5

Siemens Xelibri 6

Siemens Xelibri 7

Siemens Xelibri 8

BenQ-Siemens phones

siemens sl75
siemens sl75

BenQ-Siemens A38

BenQ-Siemens A58

BenQ-Siemens AL26

BenQ-Siemens AL26 Hello Kitty Edition

BenQ-Siemens C31

BenQ-Siemens C81

BenQ-Siemens CF61

BenQ-Siemens CL71

BenQ-Siemens E52

BenQ-Siemens E61

BenQ-Siemens E71

BenQ-Siemens E72

BenQ-Siemens E81

BenQ-Siemens EF51

BenQ-Siemens EF61

BenQ-Siemens EF71

BenQ-Siemens EL71

BenQ-Siemens EF82

BenQ-Siemens EF91

BenQ-Siemens M81

BenQ-Siemens P51

BenQ-Siemens S68

BenQ-Siemens S81

BenQ-Siemens S88

BenQ-Siemens SF71

BenQ-Siemens SL91

BenQ-Siemens SL98