Amazon Mobiles PDF manuals Logo Logo, Inc. - American company, the world's largest in terms of turnover among selling goods and services via the Internet and one of the first online services focused on sale of real goods of mass demand. Headquartered in Seattle (WA). company was founded in 1994 by American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, and in 1995, the site was launched. The company was named after the Amazon River, the deepest in the world. Initially, the site sold only books. In June 1998, the store began selling music CDs, and in November of the same year - a video production. Later in the range appeared MP3-recording, software, video games, electronics, Clothing, furniture, food and toys.

Legend has it that its first desktop founder of has hammered together out of doors. Today, some of the tables are also made of doors, but in order to save, and to remind of the need to save.

October 9, 2014 Amazon announced plans to open in Manhattan (New York), the first in its history, offline store. A little later there was information about one stall - this time in San Francisco.

Currently, service covers 34 categories of goods, including electronic books, consumer electronics, toys, food, household goods, sporting goods, and more.

This company also has subsidiaries outside the United States, Brazil, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, India and China. first managed to exploit the potential of the Internet: the ability to handle a much larger number of clients than the usual "physical" store, increasing the number of items of goods, not limited to those that are in stock

One of the features of the website online store - that users can post reviews about products bought and evaluate them. This helps to select the desired item of good quality.

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon has launched its own smartphone, which was quite interesting innovations, and sky-high price. Of course, some surprising solutions, such as a TFT screen with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a resolution of 1280x720px.

As a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core set 800 with a frequency of 2.2GHz. RAM is 2Gb, constant ranges from 32 to 64GB, depending on the version. Of course, there are modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3, NFC and LTE support. Battery capacity is 2400mAch.

On the back side there is 13Mp camera with optical stabilizer on the front side - 2 megapixel. Thanks to several sensors to the smartphone appeared Dynamic Perspective technology support, the use of questionable, but the idea is interesting. The main emphasis was placed new items on Amazon services, so your smartphone can be viewed as a portable interface to the company's services, and then the phone.