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History of the company «Benq»

The first mobile device from BenQ was the M775C, released in 2003. During the first quarter of next year, eight new phones were introduced, ranging from conventional push button devices (clamshells and so on) to smartphones running Windows Mobile.


Another seven devices (mostly clamshells) appeared in 2005. In the fall of 2005, BenQ purchased the mobile unit of the German company Siemens AG, which allowed it to become the sixth largest company (in terms of total market share) in the mobile industry in the world. The new business group, BenQ Mobile, was completely dedicated to wireless communications. Mobile devices went on sale under the new brand BenQ-Siemens.

In the middle of autumn 2006 mobile units BenQ and BenQ Mobile (Germany) declared bankruptcy. This was due to the termination of the financing of the corporation itself. As a result, BenQ Mobile came under effective state control. In winter 2007, this unit finally disintegrated. It is estimated that about two thousand employees were left without work then. In the summer of the same year, BenQ decided to single out the production process under a separate brand. It should be noted that BenQ-Siemens was created to connect the practical and design expertise of BenQ, as well as the engineering capabilities of Siemens, and to create a new leader in the mobile market. The educated company has won many design awards.


In the fall of 2006, she filed for bankruptcy at a Munich court. This prompted discussions in Germany on whether BenQ intends to continue the Siemens business, use all its patents and intellectual property, and whether mobile devices will continue to be produced in the German market. In turn, the company said that it intends to continue the mobile business, managing it from Asia. Be that as it may, after its closing, the parent company BenQ launched five new mobile phones under the BenQ-Siemens brand, and it happened in 2007. These include the models A53, C31, E52 and SF71.

The company BenQ resumed the production of smartphones under its own brand in 2013.


Two basic principles used in the work of this alliance: the orientation to the needs of the buyer and the use of the most simple operating solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, are used by BenQ Mobile employees at all stages of the activity. As practice shows, this approach allows you to achieve high results, increasing customer loyalty with minimum costs.


Today, the Benq-Siemens brand and phones manufactured under it are popular in many countries of the world and are in great demand among various consumer groups.