Snowden creates Case for smartphone, which protects against surveillance

Edward Snowden, a former CIA officer, "merged" a few years ago, the classified information to journalists and currently lives in Russia, together with the well-known hacker Andrew Huang began to develop a cover for a smartphone that can protect your handset from the surveillance of special services, reports Wired site. Huang said that the government and intelligence agencies can make communications to do very unexpected things. A man will think that the smartphone is turned off and do not transmit anything, but in some cases it may be very surprised, when it will be too late. Manuals for Xiaomi smartphones here.

Snowden and Huang creates Case for iPhone 6, the size is not much larger than a normal case for a smartphone with an extra battery. It is reported that the device will be equipped with its own monochrome display, which displays the necessary information. For case must be connected to a SIM card and the phone card. SIM card, by the way, will be inserted into the case itself, which in this case is equipped with its own connector. Case will scan the GPS signals, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and modem, coming in on the phone, and if there is something strange, be sure to inform the owner.

Three years ago,  Snowden revealed secret information to the public, concerning the methods of surveillance of US intelligence, after which he was declared wanted in his homeland. Since 2014, he has a residence permit in Russia, where at the moment and live without being able to return to the US - where it opened a criminal case for espionage and revealing state secrets. The US government is currently trying unsuccessfully to secure his extradition.