Calibration of the proximity sensor on the Xiaomi Redmi 2

In this article we consider the elimination of problems with the proximity sensor.

problems with the proximity sensor
problems with the proximity sensor

After changing the display screen module Xiaomi Redmi 2, sometimes it turns out that the proximity sensor starts to work properly, but it is possible that the sensor can start to behave strangely and not repaired phone. Method of correcting a problem with a proximity sensor the same in both cases.

With regard to the shutdown screen of talk time after replacing the module on Xiaomi, then appear in a new window module is less transparent than the original factory. The problem can be corrected on this model Xiaomi Redmi 2 as follows:

1. Turn off the phone. Hold the volume up button and, without releasing it, press start button to turn on the vibration. That volume +, decrease button will take you to the fast boot.

2. In the menu that appears, click on Chinise inscription in the box above, it will change to English, and will change the background color squares. Controls in this menu by touch screen. Click inscription PCBA Test, leaf through the bottom and find the Proximity sensor, click on it. The phone must lie on a flat surface, the sensor (between the camera and speaker) should not be closed to the phone should not be exposed to bright light. Hit on the calibration button, the inscription will be successfully. Cover with a non-transparent object sensor and check that the 1 changes to 0.

3. Turn off the phone. Turn in normal mode by simply pressing the power button. We make any call, we see that the sensor is calibrated.

When the proximity sensor calibration Xiaomi Redmi 2 screen should fade talktime only when approaching it to his ear.

Now the machine operability is fully restored.