Review of Wileyfox Spark

Young British company Wileyfox produces smartphones running on the operating system of Cyanogen OS, which, in contrast to the usual Android, has more features and allows you to flexibly customize the unit to fit your needs. In 2015, because of the unique value for money has become a hit machine Wileyfox Swift, while at the same time released the more expensive Wileyfox Storm same excitement did not call. This year, the manufacturer has released a new line of smartphones Spark, consisting of two gadgets with different characteristics and price. Today we consider the most budget unit in the series, which, respectively, has the best chance to repeat the success of the best-selling smartphone last year. User manual for Wileyfox smartphones.

Specifications Wileyfox Spark

  • Screen: 5 ", IPS (On-Cell Full Lamination), 1280x720, 294 ppi
  • Processor: quad-core MediaTek MT6735A, 1,3 GHz
  • Graphics Accelerator: Mali T-720
  • Operating System: Cyanogen OS 13.0 (Android 6.0.1)
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Internal memory: 8GB
  • Memory card support: microSD up to 64 GB
  • Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 || UMTS 900/2100 || LTE 3, 7, 20
  • SIM: micro-SIM + micro -SIM
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.1 (LE profile)
  • Navigation: GPS, AGPS
  • Cameras: Home - 8 megapixel (f / 2,2, autofocus, LED-flash), front - 8 MP
  • Sensors: proximity, light, accelerometer
  • Battery 2200 mAh, removable
  • Dimensions: 143,1x71,25x8,65 mm
  • Weight: 132 grams

Box content and Packaging

The smartphone comes in a miniature black and orange box. The package includes a USB-cable flat white, warranty card and colored insert describing the main elements of the gadget.


It looks like a smartphone on almost flagship model: strict appearance, excellent quality materials, flawless assembly.

The entire surface of the front of the gadget is under 2,5D-glass. Visual emphasis creates a mesh earpiece orange. Above the speaker is LED notification light, and on the right - facing camera.

Plastic bezel framing the smartphone body is dark gray glossy finish that blends well with the curved glass edges.

On the right side of the smartphone is a power button on the left side - volume control wheel.

Micro-USB port is placed to the right on the bottom right next to the angle of the body, and a 3.5 mm jack on the left side of the upper end.

Removable rear cover is notable for soft-touch coating quality, perceptible to the touch, as if in one material mixed texture of balsa wood and rice paper. External speaker grille at the bottom of the rear panel, there is and "legs", not allowing "killing" sound when the gadget is on the table.

Above the external speaker grille positioned orange letters written name of the manufacturer, and closer to the top of the back cover is the volumetric logo - cute fox muzzle. The camera and LED flash are located on the upper left part of the back side of the case. The camera lens is recessed deep into the body.

Tightly cover with cut-away at the nail from the first open is not easy, but if you learn how to hook the panel at a certain point the right of the audio jacks, then removed it quickly and without excessive effort. Opening the "casket" see the removable battery, the individual slots for two SIM-cards and a slot for microSD memory cards.


Small dimensions and successful form of housing allows comfortable use of the gadget in one hand, even if you are a small aristocratic. Non-slip surface is the back cover of the gadget provides a secure grip, it gives a pleasant tactile feel and virtually no "holds" warm, even when the main part of the body heats up considerably.

To use the hardware buttons comfortably. When you hold the smartphone in hand, the lower left corner of the body rests on the palm, the thumb rests on the power button and the volume rocker is easy to press the ring and index finger.

Not thick and lightweight design allows you to easily carry the smartphone in a side pocket of jeans. The device is also convenient to keep on weight while taking pictures: fingers fall on the verge of a good "mating" with the soft-touch coating. Play and watch videos too comfortable: a smartphone made by no touch sensitive buttons, and rear speaker is located. Thus it is possible to use any grip, being available to the surface of empty frames on the display edges.


The smartphone has a 5-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. It made it on ONCELL Full lamination technology (sensor combined with safety glass). Lack of air gap at the screen and a convex protective glass 2,5D Dragontrail give comparable for "juiciness" with AMOLED-display image.

Viewing angles are perfect, see color distortion can only be viewed on the screen surface at the extreme wide angle. White color is "yellow" and gives "blue." Auto Brightness function is present and working correctly. Upper and lower backlight brightness thresholds enough to work with a smartphone on a sunny day in the street, and for the use of device in the dark. The backlight of the display does not flicker, the eyes do not get tired of the screen.

In the settings, you can manually calibrate the display colors, change font sizes, enable automatic screen change temperature depending on the time of day.

Also, the system is available virtual switch DPI - you can fit more information on the same screen area, sacrificing a little the size of graphic elements. For example, if the default value of 320 dpi on the home screen in a series of four icons fit, and if you switch on the 240 dpi, you can not change the binding grid settings to fit 5 launcher exactly the same icons.

The smartphone supports the lock screen by double-tap on the status bar and unlocking by double tapping on the screen is not active. More, you can quickly adjust the brightness using "invisible" slider, by swiping your finger anywhere on the status bar.


The gadget works "out of the box" on Cyanogen OS version 13.0, which, in turn, is based on Android 6.0.1.

The system supports the all new "chips" Android, including Doze Mode (prohibition applications unnecessarily consume battery in idle mode), App Standby (deprivation of long-unused applications, access rights to the device resources), Adoptable Storage (full use of the microSD card as the main memory) and Google Now on Tap (new personal assistant, issuing the relevant information based on the analysis of all content displayed on the display).

For a couple of clicks, you can download the new design theme that will completely change the entire interface, including not only the color of the wallpaper and basic elements, but also the animation when the smartphone is switched on. Also with the help of the design is completely changed, and icons in the status bar, as well as the appearance of on-screen buttons, the shape curtain, framing pop-up windows, fonts, sounds, and more.

Interestingly, some of the "dark" themes can make a black background in the interface even those applications where it is initially prohibited, such as in WhatsApp, Google Keep, Google Play, client SMS, sink "dialer" and many other programs.

Without any additional software in the system can be eight different ways to display the battery status indicator bar: ring-shaped, vertical or horizontal icon in plain text, as well as a digital display of the charge balance.

UI customization is not limited to the use of pre-made themes: you can mix the most graphic elements from different sets.

When listening to music OS allows you to use the volume swing to switch tracks in the player when the screen is, and how this function works with the built-in and third-party players.

Of course, Cyanogen OS can also be easily shuffle the tiles in the curtain, edit the position and structure of the navigation panel buttons, forced to include a full-screen mode for applications, and in every possible way "to tune" many other nuances and details.

Many features in the operating system is dedicated to safety. To no one guessed the PIN-code is entered, seeing the finger movement is a function of the buttons changes the random position of the numbers on the screen.

Still it is possible to block the launch of certain applications a password or pattern, with after such a lock icon labeled programs will disappear from the general application menu.

Privacy Guard function in the system follows closely that no one application without your knowledge has not received access to the notebook, geolocation, camera, and other system components.

From the unpleasant consequences of theft of the device can protect the "binding" to the account CyanogenMod Account, which does not allow attackers to take advantage of your handheld device, even after a hard reset.

From the application in the system already has a music player, the software "equalization" of sound for headphones and speakers, FM-radio, voice recording, screencast (video recording of what is happening on the screen), calendar, and contacts from Google, as well as a simple file manager and browser.

"Dialer" is already integrated with the service Truecaller, so "out of the box" detects and blocks numbers fraudsters and spammers. Truecaller can also sometimes provide information about calling you strangers, if other members of the network "share the" data about a person from your address book. In addition to this service for protection from unwanted calls can be used and is available for self-tuning "black list". Predefined SMS-client has a standard set of functions.

Apparatus in the work

The smartphone runs on MediaTek MT6735A chipset with quad-core Cortex A53, running at a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz and a video accelerator Mali T-720. RAM in the machine - 1 GB built - 8 GB, of which only 4 GB available. The volume is small, but do not forget that the device supports microSD up to 32GB, which Adoptable Storage mode fully "perceived" as the smartphone's internal memory. In addition, microSD card is formatted on a smartphone so that it can not be read by pulling out of the machine.

When lightly used gadget does not slow down, run popular applications, large pages in a browser without scrolling friezes.

The mode multitasking gadget seriously falter: the simultaneous installation of five apps on Google Play have paralyzed the work.

HD-video in YouTube and VK, as well as Full HD video files from the microSD card smartphone plays perfectly.

In synthetic tests, the device does not set records, but the results are adequate for the characteristics:

The sound in the headphones is good in quality but low volume stock. A similar situation with the outside, and the earpiece.


The main camera of the smartphone is based on the 8-megapixel BSI-sensor, the lens is composed of five lenses and has a value of f / 2.2 aperture.

The camera interface allows you to focus on tapas, change the white balance, include HDR mode to create panoramic images and use the scene modes.

In good light, you can obtain high-quality pictures c pleasant colors. Autofocus camera day works exactly, but not too fast.

Night shots can be done without a tripod. Autofocus in the dark sometimes makes mistakes.

The camera can shoot video in Full HD-quality.

Wireless interfaces

The gadget supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.1 LE and with a profile that is valuable for a smartphone in this price range - LTE.

For navigation have GPS support. Receiver sensitivity is good: the satellites in the room is a lot, cold start takes 5-7 seconds, hot - almost without delay.

Battery life

The gadget has a removable battery with 2200 mAh. Hour game Apshalt 8-bit smartphone is 38%. Play Full HD videos in the "flight" mode, the unit could for seven hours. For mixed-use smartphone is enough for a full day (about 4-5 hours of the included screen).

Autonomy from the device, as you can see, at the secondary level. It seems that, in Doze Mode mode on the Android battery is not discharged for a long time, but it is "loaded" device as the battery starts to lose charge quickly.


Of course, with such a budget "hardware" device does not have enough performance reserves for intensive work in multitasking mode, but there is the novelty and dignity that bribe - high for the price build quality and materials, gorgeous display, a class ergonomics and, of course, , an abundance of Cyanogen OS features.

In general, Wileyfox Spark - it is suitable for low-end phone everyday "office" use, which will please the owner, consciously made the choice in favor of this model.


  • quality display with no air gap;
  • Cyanogen OS "out of the box";
  • front-camera;
  • good sound quality of the headphones and the speaker;
  • Q factor of assembly and good ergonomics.


  • poor performance with multi-tasking;
  • low autonomy.