Review of Flash Plus 2: faster than flash, brighter than sound

The well-known company in China TCL released the new product for the domestic market with the name of entertaining Flash Plus 2, which will interest fans get "a lot of good smartphone for modest money." Why? It's simple. The gadget bet is placed on speed performance thanks to 8-nuclear Helio P10 and 3 GB of RAM, a 30-minute recharge for 10 hours of talk time, fingerprint recognition for half a second. And yet its creators seriously worked on sound, not disregarded the camera and put in an aluminum casing. How well do for themselves tried the Chinese, we learn in the review.

Specifications Flash Plus 2

  • Display: TFT IPS, 5,5 '', 1920x1080, capacitive, multitouch
  • Processor: eight core MediaTek MT6755, 1,8 GHz
  • Graphics Accelerator: Mali-T860 MP2
  • Operating System: Android 6.0
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Internal memory: 32 GB
  • Support Memory Card: microSDHC up to 128 GB
  • Communication: GSM 900/1800 MHz || UMTS 900/2100 MHz || LTE: 1, 3, 5, 7
  • SIM: nano-SIM + micro-SIM, Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / ac, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Navigation: GPS
  • Camera: Basic - 13 megapixels (flash, autofocus), front - with a 5 megapixel
  • Sensors: light sensor, motion, microgyro, fingerprint reader
  • Battery: 3000 mAh non-removable
  • Dimensions: mm 152,6h76,4h8,2
  • Weight: 157 grams

Box content and Packaging

The smartphone comes in a solid impenetrable black box. Excellent progress: to give it to someone, even a bow is not required - the packaging and so beautiful.

Also inside are: charger with detachable USB-cable, quick start guide and warranty card.


Flash Plus 2 is produced in two colors: Venus Gold and Luna Silver. Differ color back cover, the ends and sides and front panel in both black. The back is lined in a small strip seems to look even more metal. To us came to charts Luna Silver device - ie silver.

As expected, the maximum display takes place on the front panel. Side frames are quite thin (2.5 mm), the top slightly wider bottom.

Above the screen there are flash, earpiece, sensors, front-facing camera. Touch buttons "Back" and "Recent Apps" are located below the screen, among them - the physical "Home", which is integrated fingerprint reader.

On the rear panel at the top - main camera lens and a 13 megapixel LED flash, below is audio speakers.

The back cover is removable, it is located under the slots of two SIM-cards of different sizes (micro and nano), plus a slot for microSD card. Good thing they did not combine, reducing the functionality, but the removable cover with nonremovable battery - quite a strange decision.


The metal casing of the smartphone, some impact on the weight of the device, which can not be called serious, but at long conversation hand a little tired to hold the device to your ear. Use one hand gadget features will be difficult - effect size five-inch display.

Physical power and volume buttons are convenient, easy to find and press. But for the touch keys below the screen would be necessary to leave a little more space vertically, thumb occasionally misses.


The device has a 5.5-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Claims to the screen no: color juicy, bright, viewing angles are great.

Reserve high brightness. At a minimum, you can use your smartphone in any room, at the maximum information on the screen is visible under direct sunlight. illuminance sensor is working properly, but sometimes puts a higher level of illumination than necessary.

In the settings screen has additional display options from MiraVision. You can select the user mode, and set the contrast, saturation, and brightness, and sharpness, and color temperature.

Unlike other smartphones on Android 6.0, this is an option for eye protection, Bluelight defender - with active colors are warmer.

The screen takes up to five simultaneous touches, there were no problems with the reaction. On the protective glass - no oleophobic coating.


The smartphone runs on Android 6.0 without any additional shell - there is only a very nice branded themes.

The standard functions added, "Gestures" in the menu, but everything is very modest: double tap can turn on or turn off the screen.

The LED above the display will flash different colors for missed calls, low battery and other events.

Fingerprint Reader is integrated into the physical button "Home", and it is arguably more convenient than placing it on the back panel (however, all individually). To use it to unlock your device, select the additional option of identification - eg, PIN-code or pattern. This prevents the inability to unlock the smartphone in case of sudden failure of the sensor.

The device stores up to five prints, and sensor functionality is not limited to security issues. At different fingers can be programmed to launch specific applications from a large list - perhaps there is everything that you can run on the device, including user applications. It should be noted that the sensor is triggered instantly and without errors.

The most interesting application TouchPal 2015. This is a great keyboard with a large number of settings that can be changed directly in the course of work. For example, replace a full layout on the "push-button" or add the desired characters. Perhaps the main advantage that a layout have both letters and numbers.

In the phone application no no special features.

Apparatus in the work

The Flash Plus 2 working Helio P10 chip, can be 2 or 3 GB of RAM on board, depending on the equipment, as well as 16 GB or 32 GB of user. On testing was top version - you will get around 25 GB. The microSD card slot with "hot" replacement card, you can insert up to 128 GB volume.

The smartphone is fast, no claims to it. It can easily handle running multiple applications, zoom in the browser, calls during the game, streaming video and other tasks. The "heavy" games back cover is heated, but not very much.

Synthetic tests evaluated the performance of the smartphone is quite high.

In related news, dedicated Flash Plus 2 is emphasized his musical ability, under the responsibility of the built-in audio chip AKM4375 digital sound filter and IRD NXP980 amplifier. The sound from the speaker output of 3.6 watts is really very good, full-bodied, with bass and treble. The maximum volume is not very high, but listen to her comfortable, no rattles, and other artifacts.

However, the speaker is not the best way, in the back, and when listening to audio recordings smartphone, you must put the screen down - under the speaker has a projection, but the sound is still muted.

The headphones sound wonderful - a smartphone can be used as the main player. And with the music app is easy to feel like a mobile DJ and make a mix of your favorite songs.


The main camera is declared as 13-megapixel, but in practice, this solution is only available for still images with an aspect ratio of 4: 3. If you use the usual 16: 9, you can only get 10 megapixels. In principle, it is difficult to call a disadvantage, because it removes the smartphone well (aperture f / 2), and the megapixels - in fact, a marketing ploy.

The camera has a lot of options, but all of the standard: the conditions of shooting, white balance, ISO sensitivity. Basic operating modes: "Normal", "view", the PIP (picture in picture), QR-code - made into a separate menu on the right, and switching between cameras, HDR, Night Snapshot, Flash, and access to other settings - on the left. On the screen there is an icon with a note: you can include meowing, bleating sound of a train or a musical instrument - funny. Interestingly, this option is available for the front camera.

Flash in the smartphone dual, switched on depending on the level of illumination in the frame. Do not blinding and does not distort the object outlines.

It turns the camera quickly and just as quickly takes off. And the autofocus works well and almost no mistakes.

Megapixel front camera works fine, performing well both with the main function - the interlocutor image transfer, and the role of the second chamber mode "picture in picture". Due to the outbreak can make selfie in all conditions and with Beautify regime - and a little more to improve the image of persons. Wide viewing angle, 84.4 degrees, allows to fit in the frame all comers.

Below you can see the test images taken under different conditions.

Shooting with two cameras come in handy if there is interest, and immediately in front and behind.

Smartphone perfectly removes panorama, only the control buttons appear on the left, which is not always convenient.

Video filming begins half a second after switching modes. The quality of the footage can not be called high.

Wireless interfaces

Two SIM-card in the smartphone operating alternately, any slot can be connected to 4G. The main card can be assigned once, or choose for each call. In short, everything is standard. "Sim-cards" can be inserted into a smartphone running, and he immediately recognizes them.

Sound quality is good, the sides also did not complain.

Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth work fine, there were no failures during testing.

Cold start GPS-receiver takes 35 seconds.

Battery life

The smartphone installed battery 3000 mAh. The function allows you to recharge fast charge 100% for 1 hour and 15 minutes and half an hour the battery is replenished up to 50%.

Also, the device has a power saving mode, in which only remain available telephony features.

You can set so that regime includes himself, when only a small portion of the charge. It is enough for 8 hours and 10 minutes watching Full HD video to the cyclic full brightness in "Flight" mode, and an hour in the game Asphalt 50% brightness leaves 21%.


Flash Plus 2 - interesting gadget from the company's proven. New from TCL to fully operate in the Russian cellular networks, can easily handle multitasking and everything else, can be an excellent companion of music lovers, thanks to the built-in audio chip AKM4375 digital sound filter IRD. Elegant appearance will attract all lovers of fashion and fast work - those who do not like to wait.


  • good main camera;
  • beautiful sound;
  • fast charging.


  • heating the body under intense stress.