Review Sony Xperia X: the secrets of "Mrs. X"

Sometimes laconic appearance of the gadget does not allow it to guess some interesting or unique abilities. This is the smartphone Sony Xperia X with an easily recognizable design OmniBalance. But the similarity to other models in the case of the Sony - it's not a bad thing, but rather a plus, as available should be branded "goodies" in the form of applications and advanced technologies. In this model, one of them - a fast, high-resolution camera. Can "Mrs. X" we have more than a surprise? Download Sony Xperia user guide

Technical characteristics of Sony Xperia X (F5121)

  • Screen: 5 ", Triluminos, 1920x1080, 441 ppi
  • Processor: six-core Qualcomm MSM8956 Snapdragon 650 1.8 GHz
  • Graphic accelerator: Adreno 510
  • Operating System: Android 6.0 OS
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Internal memory: 32 GB
  • Memory card support: up to 200 GB microSDXC
  • Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz || UMTS 850/900/1900/2100 MHz || LTE 1, 3, 7, 20
  • SIM: 2 x nano-SIM
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, FM-receiver
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS
  • Camera: Basic - 23 megapixels (flash, hybrid AF), front - 13 MP
  • Sensors: lighting, proximity, pressure, pitch, microgyro, accelerometer, compass
  • Battery 2620 mAh non-removable
  • Dimensions: 142,7x69,4x7,7 mm
  • Weight: 152 grams

Box content and Packaging of Sony Xperia X

The smartphone comes with a white sturdy cardboard box, where in addition to his individual boxes is documentation set (Sony Xperia user manual), charger and USB-cable.


Sony Xperia X in a traditional recognizable design of smart phones from this manufacturer. Its body is all metal. The screen is covered with protective glass top with rounded edges. Shell thickness (7.7 mm) is considered optimal in terms of usability and battery capacity.

The back cover is matte, most likely it is processed by means of sandblasting. The front panel is smooth, with a uniform color, completely covered with protective glass top. Edges and ends - with a matte sheen are rounded form.

Side screen frames have a width of about 2 mm, and the top left and bottom fields to 14 mm. Above and below are arranged symmetrically in the center of the stereo speakers. Around the top are the dynamics of the sensors (including the NFC) and the front-facing camera, and under it - the manufacturer's logo.

In the upper left corner of the back cover  nonremovable is main camera lens and single LED flash. Toward the middle - the logo of the family of smartphones.

On the right side is located almost in the center of the lock / power-on button. Below it is the volume rocker, and a special release button when taking pictures.

On the left side on top is a compartment for SIM-card and memory card, a closed cap, which is easy to hook a fingernail. But be careful, because at the same time begins to removable frame, and the smartphone is automatically switched off. Frame allows you to put in her two nano-SIM card or a "nano-sim card" and a microSD memory card.

At the bottom end is located in the center of micro-USB port, and the left - a hole of microphone. At the top left is a 3.5-mm audio jack, and is located in the center hole of the second microphone.

The case is assembled perfectly, with no creaks and strains felt as monolithic. The smartphone is available in several colors: silver, gray, pink and gold.


Manage five-inch Xperia X with one hand is easy. Ease raises a small thickness of the shell with rounded sidewalls. Oleophobic screen coating is very high quality, fingers glide over the surface pretty good. For smartphone owners many other brands of hardware buttons seem disposed unusual, though, for example, the owners of Xperia Z5 find here their similar arrangement. To enable the Status button on the center of the face to adapt quite easily, but the rocker volume control "needs attention" of the middle or ring finger when you hold the smartphone in his left hand, and if the right - will be virtually unattainable without wiretapping device.

Button for photography - ideally placed - with horizontal device it is directly under the right index finger.


Five-inch screen smart phone is made by proprietary technology Triluminos has FHD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) and a corresponding density of 441 ppi. The picture is very a clear, smooth fine details.

Colour rendition "out of the box" is correct, but if necessary it can be adjusted by means of separate adjustments for the RGB channels.

To improve the display quality of photos and videos is also offered proprietary technology X-Reality for mobile, which makes the picture more clear, rich in color and contrast.

Viewing angles from the screen as large as possible at high inclinations smartphone picture is not distorted, and almost does not tarnish.

The minimum brightness is suitable for work in the dark, and the maximum level is enough to use a smartphone on a sunny day. Auto brightness function performs its function, but does not do it too zealously. Multitouch takes up to ten simultaneous touches.


The smartphone operates under Android 6.0 management. Lock screen on the top line displays the name of the provider, the notification icon and the active compounds, the battery level. In the upper half - clock and calendar, which are offered in three versions (including analog). Below - dies with notifications. Below - three small icons. Left - to activate Google Voice Search, on the right - the camera, and in the middle - to go to the main screen.

The main desktop Android familiar in layout, but the icons are redesigned form (like the clock), and there are differences in content - in the middle is a banner, activating the guide Getting Started with Xperia X.

At the bottom of the main screen is a block, which in addition to icons open the main applications menu, you can place up to four icon user-selected applications.

The list of preinstalled software includes a set of standard from Google, as well as specialties: What's New, Lifelog, PlayStation, Lounge, TrackID, MovieCreator, plus antivirus AVG.

Dial Pad is made in a standard design.

The keyboard for typing - four row. Buttons sufficiently large and comfortable, especially in the horizontal position of the screen.

Apparatus in the work

The main filling Sony Xperia X can be described as a balanced performance and power consumption 64-bit six-core processor Qualcomm MSM8956 Snapdragon 650 (2 x Cortex-A72 - 1,8 GHz, 4 x Cortex-A53 - 1,4 GHz), a graphics accelerator Adreno 510, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal (users about 20.25 GB available), which can be expanded with microSD cards up to 200 GB.

Performance in the smartphone is quite sufficient for everyday work with multiple applications. Delays arise when working with the interface, menus, scrolling through pictures in the gallery. Not noticed slowdown and web-surfing.

The device is easily cope with HD-video viewing from YouTube, and FHD-video recorded in the memory.

The results obtained in benchmarks are shown below.

With the launch of games from our test suite did not have problems. In Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes and Lara Croft: Relic Run - all very good: smooth picture, timely response.

More "heavy" Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, too, showed a good performance, and World of Tanks: Blitz pleased with the fact that high fps values at the level of 50-60 were maintained not only at medium, but also the high graphics settings. The housing smartphone in these games was heated slightly.

Audio path from Xperia X, which is traditional for Sony, at a good level - in high-quality headphones music sounds full.

The stereo speakers are loud enough for individual use, but that is to be expected, reproduce only the high and medium frequencies. There have clean, but with the volume level close to the maximum, notably begins to vibrate the back cover of the housing. Connected headphones provide job FM-radio. Music is played from the air with a pretty high quality.


For photo and video smartphone Sony Xperia X is equipped with seriously. Main Camera - with 23-megapixel sensor, autofocus phase, the SteadyShot stabilization system and 24-mm lens aperture of f / 2.0, and the front - 13-megapixel with a 22-mm lens and the same aperture f / 2.0. Together with the main camera operates single LED flash. On the camera body has a special shutter release button, which works like a real camera: when you half-press activates the autofocus and with full - performs shooting. We add that a long press of the button, and switched and switched off the smartphone screen, immediately activates the camera application.

It should be noted that the focus main camera is really very fast: in good light - in a fraction of a second, and even in low light is not more than one-half.

The application in the smartphone is packed with features to match the technical equipment.

On the main screen in a vertical orientation of the smartphone top left is the flash control icon to the right - to quickly switch between the main and the front camera and the center - the icon lineup for the four shooting modes: Manual Snapshot mode (M), the intellectual "super auto mode" mode video footage and menus special camera applications. Below are the main icon of the call settings menu, on-screen shutter button and the icon to enter the gallery.

By default, when you start the application is active "super auto." To switch to the other of the above uses swipe across the screen in the appropriate direction. As you might guess, this solution is fraught with random switching mode. Intelligent Automatic uses the plot auto-detect function (selected icon is displayed in the corner), and selects the optimal settings. For those who do know what they want to achieve, it is the manual mode. In it there is an icon at the bottom that allows you to bring up the adjustment of white balance and exposure compensation, as well as the SCN icon to display the menu of scene modes. However, it is, as well as the opportunity to choose from the main menu, the ISO value settings is available only if you manually lower the resolution to 8 megapixels of shooting.

The main camera in any light conditions (when using the maximum resolution) produces well-detailed images. However, even at the minimum ISO settings parts literally "crunch" and can detect small artifacts, similar to sand and smooth parts of the picture. Consider this only under high magnification, and if you are enclosing a picture to the screen or to reduce the internet publication "grainy" images go unnoticed. As with day and night shooting equipment shows the correct color reproduction and a fairly wide dynamic range. The user can independently activate the HDR only in manual mode in the settings menu. Mainly, it will help in lightening the shadows.

Examples of shooting in different lighting conditions:

The main shoots video in the highest quality Full HD at 60 frames per second. Automation is very sensitive to changes in light conditions, fast focusing. survey results are encouraging accurate color reproduction and clarity of the image.

Wireless interfaces

Tested model Sony Xperia X supports two SIM-cards nano-SIM format. After LTE-network data is transferred stably and at high speed. Data transfer via Wi-Fi, too, was stable, the search for access points and connect to them quickly performed. There are no problems with the Bluetooth interface. NSF module works correctly.

The smartphone supports three satellite navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou. In a "cold" start smart phone, even in the window of an apartment house for 25 seconds is more than 20 satellites. When "hot" start it spent 2-3 seconds.

Battery life

The smartphone is set to non-removable battery capacity of 2620 mAh. With intensive load according to the benchmark full charge PCMark missing more than nine hours. This ensures support for intensive work during the day. If you activate the proprietary power-saving features, and use a smartphone is not so zealously couple days of work provided.

If you touch the active entertainment, then the continuous watching Full HD video in "Flight" mode and at maximum brightness of the screen - a smartphone can hold about 10 hours. One hour in the game WoT with Wi-Fi and the average brightness of the screen is consumed about 32% of the charge.


Xperia X - typical solidly assembled and elegant looking smartphone from Sony. As expected, it immediately "out of the box" stuffed proprietary features and applications, such as the beautiful music player, efficient service TrackID, PlayStation application to work in pairs with the same prefix, and others. Equipment six-core processor provided some thinnest smartphone a good balance of performance and autonomy. High-quality screen along with stereo speakers provides comfort in entertainment. Those who had to take pictures, not only smartphones - will appreciate the high resolution main camera, fast autofocus and manual settings. Is there something to complain about? Perhaps only to said back cover vibration "to the full" turn on the music, but to shut down the machine if you accidentally open the card compartment. As for the rest, Xperia X deserves only positive ratings, though, as always, will have to fork out.


  • quality results when shooting both chambers;
  • excellent screen;
  • high-quality housing assembly;
  • useful proprietary applications.


  • the choice between the second SIM-card or a memory card.