What to buy for Meizu MX4?

 Meizu MX4 is remembered by many users as a solid flagship device at a relatively modest price. It took place between 5 and 5.5-inch devices, offering an almost perfect alternative: a 5.36-inch display in a large measure, but at the same time comfortable enough to control the smartphone with one hand. This fact, first introduced in the confusion of manufacturers of accessories, which had to quickly reorganize production lines under non-standard dimensions of the phone. But nearly two years after the release of the new product has got lots of very different accessories, which we have today and we'll talk. User manuals for Meizu

On the eve of the hot summer I want to start another collection of accessories with a classic representative of the stronger protective covers. Thick frame protects Meizu MX4 from any falls and bumps and recessed-leg stand allows to comfortably watch movies while relaxing.

Also on the market thin aluminum bumpers are present to maintain the elegant silhouette of the smartphone.

Advanced bumper partially attached to the rear panel than nullify the already meager chances to fall off from your smartphone during the fall.

Summer activities on the ground often moves in the water, and here Meizu MX4 extremely vulnerable. Fortunately, transparent pockets with fastening allow safe to take with a smartphone in any body of water.

If during your holiday you want to relax and watch on a smartphone some video, secure it on a special tripod-stand. Accessories for flexible, but sufficiently rigid stem frees your hands for more useful purposes. Furthermore, using a set of clamps can be secured to the stand furniture and move freely about the room.

Another unusual stand for a smartphone - a tripod spider. With flexible legs can be installed on almost any surface, including vertical, and to continue photographing. It can also be for Meizu MX4 reliable bike mount.

tripod spider
tripod spider

For MX4 is available for a great many covers, with classical modifications prevail over refined or well protected. For example, a thin cover notebook offers a smart phone to hide from prying eyes and protect it from contact with other items in your bag or pocket.

More headroom, but functional model with internal compartments to store small things in the bag essentials: a small amount of money or cards.

Another variation of covers with a lid - opening down case with magnetic closure to prevent accidental disclosures.

Very popular universal covers-wallets: the essentials without which the modern city dweller is unlikely to come out of the house, there will always be at hand.

Polyurethane covers with smart window reliably protect body Meizu MX4 from all sides, with cut-outs on the front cover while the cover prolong life, the benefit of opening and closing the lid will have considerably less.

Polyurethane covers with smart window
Polyurethane covers with smart window

Mofi eminent manufacturer of accessories offers original leather pouch, pleasant to the touch and extremely wear-resistant.

Cases with a double cut for Meizu MX4 can be made of the classic materials of natural colors or made of polyurethane with color prints.

Another fashion trend of the market - case with a completely transparent front cover. It provides a panoramic protection corps, but the display is always in the field of view. Due to the cuts in front of the speaker and the microphone can lead a comfortable conversation without opening the cover lid.

Another representative of the universal covers - holster made of leather to be worn on a belt.

If, despite our advice, you still have damaged the rear cover Meizu MX4, replace it with a similar frosted decision. Total available six colors, from classic to more vivid.

Speaking of the more traditional covers, attention in the first place should pay on the hard cases from Rock Company, which close the back cover and the ends. Relief surface does not give smartphone accidentally slip slippery surface, and in his hand Meizu MX4 in such a case is felt quite differently.

Like other smartphones from our previous digests, Meizu MX4 has got a rich assortment of covers with prints.

Fans and female fans all bright and shiny can try on your Meizu MX4 unusual Fantom Cover, which replaces the "home" back cover.

As a protective solutions Fundas company offers hybrid cases, consisting of an aluminum frame and a thin protective panel for the back cover.

Another removable cover, but instead of a solid back cover is made of soft silicone pad.

Beautiful solution of aluminum and acrylic that protects from bumps and scratches, while the color of the case, you can pick up the tone of the main colors of Meizu MX4.

Matt Case has a number of advantages over the a glossy coating: fingerprints and various dirt almost invisible, and the smartphone itself smaller slide in the hand.

Popular covers from Nillkin Frosted Shield offered at the price of a few hundred rubles, but in the market today you can find enough high-quality replicas at much more reasonable prices.

For Meizu MX4 it was released a huge amount of interchangeable covers to replace the original, and many of them mimic the natural materials, such as leather or different kinds of wood.

On top of some plastic covers it is often applied pseudo wood texture, which can mislead the uninitiated person.

The next group covers designed to protect the body of the smartphone - silicone pad. For Meizu MX4 Case was released from an opaque colored silicone, which is quite difficult to damage.

However, much more popular in the market of thin covers, whose thickness does not exceed 0.3-0.6 mm. They are transparent or with colored appliqué.

IMAK Case offers a high resistance to impact and scratch hard objects.

Another undeniable advantage silicone covers is their low susceptibility to fingerprints. The smartphone will stay clean longer, as in the case of heavy contamination case, you can simply rinse under water.

Let us remind you a few methods available reliable display protection, which is especially important in the summer. So, tempered glass will save smart phone from dirt, dust and sand, which can inadvertently cause damage to the working surface of the device.

G.D.Smith offers for the display protector Titan thickness of only 0.28 mm - four A4 sheet, folded together. Such a coating is almost not felt in everyday use, but significantly raises the protection of the smartphone.

Few things can match the scratch resistance glass Mocolo hardness of 9H. On the screen, you can drive any hard objects, and they will not leave any trace of themselves.

Sundatom offers quality glass with oleophobic coating, high transparency and resistance to chemical aggressors - suddenly you have to use your smartphone in professional chemistry lab?

In the journey, and in everyday life, become an indispensable accessory spare set from the charger and additional USB-cable.

For those who are a significant part of its life in the car, be sure to get a cigarette lighter adapter with support for fast charging.

Apple is the whole world glorified magnetic Charger MagSafe, widely used in the MacBook Air and Pro laptops. Their main advantage is the safety disconnect the cables from the enclosure without the risk of dropping the device on the ground road. Third-party vendors have adapted the idea for mobile phones and now microUSB-socket Meizu MX4 will last much longer, the benefit must be regularly inserted into the charging jack it will disappear by itself. Meizu user Guide - download