Review of Moto Z

How about a smartphone with additional the bells and whistles - a large battery, projector, PC Speaker or, for example, a camera with tenfold optical zoom? It sounds like science fiction, but in fact such a device already exists. It Moto Z - dull smartphone designers lovers. The device has got us to the test and proved to be one of the most unusual smartphone in the last time, and in appearance, and technical equipment. Download manuals for Lenovo Mobile Phone.

Specifications of Moto Z

  • Screen: 5,5 ", AMOLED, Quad HD 2560x1440 pixels, 535 ppi
  • Processor: quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 2.15 GHz
  • Graphic accelerator: Adreno 530
  • Operating System: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Internal memory: 64 GB
  • Memory card support: microSD up to 256 GB
  • Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz || WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 MHz || LTE-A Cat.12
  • SIM: nano-SIM + nano-SIM (combined slot), Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.1 LE, NFC
  • Wired interfaces: USB Type-C 1.0, USB-OTG, magnetic connector
  • Navigation: GPS / GLONASS
  • Camera: Basic - 13 Mn (Optical Image Stabilizer, two-color LED-flash, laser autofocus), front - with a 5 megapixel
  • Sensors: lighting, proximity, accelerometer, microgyro, digital compass, fingerprint reader
  • Battery: 2600 mAh
  • Dimensions: mm 153,3h75,3h5,2
  • Weight: 136 grams


Smartphone Moto Z made very thin, how can we not draw an analogy with the Motorola V3, which debuted in 2004? Trendy look the same "clamshell" lives in the heart of every fan of mobile devices. But how to transfer the legendary image of the modern world, where almost no room smartphones with a folding design? It is necessary to come up with an ingenious new answer. And Moto Z debuted with a heap of accessories to its modular design, the story of their own, but for now - on the machine design.

The smartphone is made thin without sacrificing reliability: monolithic and durable design. Forced to bend the body, as is done in some videos, we did not, and a standard test for Moto Z body strength went well, did not utter a single creak. But to the elegant design still need to be treated carefully - better, for example, not to sit down with your smartphone in your back pocket jeans, the consequences can be sad.

Aluminium enclosure under test version of the white-golden color, but there are other options: black and silver, and black and gold.

The upper and lower surface of the rear glass paste made small, and its main part is made of aluminum and is decorated with a pattern of transverse bands. It should be noted that the rear panel is very easily soiled, but the scratches during the test did not appear on it.

Located on the rear surface of the camera is very much in favor of the body - the lens and flash are located on the double big round site smartphone based on it, when lying on the table. The issue with the controversial design solved very simply: need more rear panel, more on that later.

At the bottom are the elements of the contact area, through her smartphone to connect additional modules.

At the top of the front panel is the speaker, framed by a large metal frame - it also significantly extends above the body. On the sides there are sensors, front camera and flash.

Under the screen - a fingerprint scanner, next to him a pair of motion sensors and a pair of microphones. Perhaps on a smartphone in black, these sensors are not so much conspicuous, but the white version, they are very visible. With daily treatment with a smartphone of them is easy to forget, these elements are not annoying, but when we first met decoration faceplate surprised - with the scanner, it looks like a fun mug.

At the top there is a tray for nano size SIM-card and microSD memory card.

Modules Moto Mods

The test sample was a "naked", without any additional lotions, but without the story of the useful modules, known as Moto Mods, a review would not be complete.

The easiest additional element - a decorative plastic back panel. The kit will also include a cover made of wood, but if you want a panel of other materials and other colors can be to purchase separately - they cost about $ 20 and are mounted on the magnet, speaking more protection for the back surface of the smartphone. In addition, due to the sloping shape of the lid have a positive impact on ergonomics, and at the same time and the camera will not stick out above the surface.

Stereo, created in cooperation with the JBL, turns your smartphone into a small hi-fi system, and a projector module allows you to watch videos or images in a larger format than the display of the mobile device. Both modules have received on the built-in battery to the battery Moto Z did not sit in front of, and own ports USB Type-C, to be charged separately from the smartphone.

JBL Speaker is automatically connected through connectors on the rear of the chassis. It is equipped with a leg-stand, so that the smartphone can be placed on the table during the lunch break to watch the video with good sound. According Moto charging most speakers is enough for 10 hours, after which the case is connected to the smartphone battery. Audio Modules Price - $ 80.

Miniature projector Insta-Share displays a Moto Z screen on any surface image resolution of 854x480 pixels. The picture can be anything: browser, photos, games or call log. Built-in battery with 1100 mAh should last for an hour of battery life. cost of the device is $ 300.

Hasselblad PV modules for the same $ 300 transforms the smartphone into a digital "soap-box" with a separate 12-megapixel sensor, optics with a 1 / 2.3, f / 3.5-6.5 and a ten-fold zoom, xenon flash and optical stabilization.

Cover-battery 2200 mAh sells for $ 60. If we add to it wireless charging function, the price increases to $ 90.

Fingerprint Scanner

The sensor is located under the screen surrounded by a narrow metal frame, it has a high sensitivity and instantaneous response speed - this is one of the best sensors in the moment. The memory stores up to five prints, the system reads and stores data very quickly - to add a new print out ten seconds.

When you click on the scanner to "recognize" the finger, the screen lock is released, and if you put it on a couple of seconds - switched on. For physical button located on the right side, you can not reach.


Moto Z has a very sleek profile. So thinnest smartphone in the world is not so much: the thickness of its body is only 5 mm, and weight - 136 grams. This is a smartphone with a 5.5-inch screen!

On the right side are located separate volume control buttons and a screen lock key. All are rendered high, and they will be difficult to press, without intercepting smartphone. However, you can lock the screen and the scanner, so reaching out to the side power button have infrequently. Buttons are easy to grope blindly, they do not work by accident, the response of a clear and distinct, all right.

When working with your smartphone periodically pity that fingerprint can not be assigned the action "Back", it is necessary to use the on-screen buttons, and it is not always handy.


Moto Z is equipped with a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen with a narrow framework, 2560h1440 resolution and density of 535 pixels per inch. It protects the curved at the edges of the glass Gorilla Glass 4, in the presence of a good anti-reflective and effective oleophobic coating: a finger on the glass slides as cheese clockwork. Sensitivity is excellent, works ten point multi-touch.

The display is very high quality picture with high contrast and vivid colors, the brightness of a large margin. Light sensor works gently and smoothly changes the backlight level depending on the situation.


Smartphone yet running Android 6.0.1, but an upgrade to Android Nougat is not far off: Moto prepares fresh firmware version of the first. The menu is almost no different from stock Android: multiple desktops for widgets, folders and shortcuts, and in the submenu application icons arranged in a list vertically. At the top of the labels of popular programs are located so that they do not have to look around the smartphone.

With additional sensors on the front panel Moto Z determines when to hold his hand, even when it's off on-screen. At the same time shows the time and notifications of new messages, and calls for a few seconds. The indicator light in the smartphone not, this function compensates for the loss.

Also works corporate governance gestures: a sharp movement of the hand, you can turn on the flashlight, and turning the smartphone into the brush to start the camera. When an incoming call screen device is activated by turning down the silent mode, and if you pick up your smartphone on the table, Moto ceases to play the melody and only vibrate.

Also Moto Z supports voice commands: long live control without unnecessary movements hands!

Menu dial a phone number looks standard, but there are Russian letters - such layout is not found in all devices. Another undoubted convenience: if so many smartphone uncomfortable to use with one hand, the screen can be compressed with a gesture. To return everything as it was, just click in the "empty" black area.

Apparatus in the work

Moto Z received from the developers of the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820 with a frequency of 2.15 GHz and Adreno 530 graphics productive with an operating frequency of 624 MHz. Amount of RAM 4 GB of built-in - 64 GB, microSD can be placed instead of the second SIM-card.

The test sample was gaining suspiciously low scores in benchmarks that can be attributed to glitches are not the final sample.

The interface is fast and smooth, "filling" perfectly optimized, so there are no complaints of suspension and other roughness. Smartphone can easily handle streaming video in 1080p, runs all current games with high graphics settings, but during gaming comfort is extremely hot. However, for such a thin body is forgivable - costs elegant profile.

Multimedia speaker here alone, it is combined with the spoken and is located in the upper part of the body. It is difficult to block, even if put down the smartphone screen - still ring tone is heard well. Reserve volume is enough to not miss calls in a noisy street.

In pursuit of a minimum thickness of the gadget was deprived of the usual headphone jack for listening to music will have to use the supplied adapter to 3.5mm or purchase a Bluetooth-headset. Moto This is not a pioneer, to enter into the wireless era prepared many brands. FM-radio in your phone is not available.


The camera of the smartphone is equipped with a Sony IMX214 sensor at 13 megapixels, and lens aperture of f / 1.8, optical stabilization and laser focus. The advantages of the application we put a simple and intuitive interface with concise design. If necessary, you can enable manual mode and change the focus, white balance, shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation. The camera turns on both the menu and from the lock screen.

Shooting is done either by pressing the volume button or by tap the round button on the screen. By changing the focus point can be at the same time to correct the flaws of light, making the picture lighter or darker by moving the yellow ring.

HDR-mode functions as a constant, and in automatic mode when the system decides when to include it, and when it is not necessary.

Smartphone neatly stitches together a large panorama, but does not do it very quickly, you have to wait a few seconds until he gather multiple images into a single image.

Photo quality is very good during the day, in the evening it is not so remarkable - in low light conditions and get out the noise falls detail, it is not a flagship level of shooting.

Smartphone writes video in 4K @ 30fps, and it can shoot videos at 720p @ 120fps, offering a lapse shooting.

Wireless interfaces

Smartphone good catches network supports LTE-A and allows the use of just two SIM-card on one radio.

The GPS module will start quickly, outside the smartphone is about twenty five seconds of satellites, with not losing out on a walk.

Wi-Fi b / g / n / ac with support for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks, working Wi-Fi Direct, everything is stable and without glitches.

Bluetooth 4.1 in Moto Z is especially important - listening to music, using a headphone adapter, is not very convenient, easier to connect to wireless headsets.

Smartphone transmits voice quality and talk on it a pleasure, thank for this system of four microphones that choke the other sounds.

Battery life

Moto Z is equipped with charging Turbo Charger 15 Watt: powerful power supply for a half-hour charger with 0 to 50%. This is very useful if you woke up one morning and nearly stranded smartphone - connect it to a power outlet and relaxed you go to wash and eat breakfast. On the morning routine typically takes 30-40 minutes, and the device has time to recharge properly.

Hopefully, when the final assembly manufacturer is not greedy and add a power supply with detachable cable. The test sample came with a non-removable, which means when you want to connect your smartphone to your computer, or use an external battery, will have to find another wire USB-C.

Despite the fact that the battery capacity seems small, working smart is not so little - on the maximum brightness of the screen, he plays video almost 12 hours. In daily use, charge lasts for a day at 2.5-3 hours of active screen. If that is not enough, the problem can be solved by using an external battery, or buying a branded cover with built-in battery 2200 mAh.


Moto Z - demonstration of the possibilities Lenovo, which converts a subsidiary brand into a platform for testing technologies. Moto Z got the best of the arsenal of international manufacturer and in addition, and a modular design. The idea with additional components is interesting, but expensive for the buyer's purse. But Moto Z for a long time do not get bored - you can always tinker with additional components. Fans of all new and unusual will appreciate this smart phone.


  • original Moto Mods;
  • high performance;
  • quality images during the day;
  • fast charging.


  • Average autonomy;
  • lack of a 3.5mm audio jack.