What to buy for the iPhone 6S Plus?

Like most of the S-versions of "apple" smartphone, iPhone 6S Plus became a thorough work on the mistakes and got an advanced display and updated camera. Form Factor apparatus has not undergone significant changes, and therefore accessory from its predecessor almost perfectly boarded a beginner. On the other hand, over the past year the market of protective devices has grown considerably, and today we learn how to best protect the expensive display with 3D Touch and what cases are best friends with durable aluminum.

The smartphone starts with the screen, and in the case of the iPhone 6S Plus it is especially important. Unfortunately, the introduction of the new Velocity recognition has significantly increased as the value of the display and its repair in case of damage. That is why an additional protective layer is not exactly be superfluous when using a smartphone. Download iPhone PDF manuals

Modern tempered glass has its own oleophobic coating that prevents the emergence of on-screen fingerprints.

Due to the outer coating can be obtained unusual combination of white, black and gold colors. White and black front panel - are not the only options available.

Clear glass has such high transparency that after sticking on the display to distinguish it from the "native" at first glance it is possible not always.

iPhone 6S Plus is coated fashionable this season 2,5D-glass. Modern tread should have a similar feature, so as not to degrade the tactile sensation the user when the smartphone is in his hand.

The network is represented by a lot of videos in which iPhone 6S Plus is experiencing a short-term immersion in water. Unfortunately, Apple does not officially declare the body moisture, so thin silicone protector with plugs for the connectors will not be superfluous, if you often in a humid room or enjoy a walk down the street with a phone in his hand.

The minimum level of protection for the metal housing provide blankets of soft silicone. Girls will appreciate the gentle solution with color prints.

Increasing the thickness of the cover has the undoubted merit: the main camera does not touch the table or other hard surface.

Soft covers frosted silicone allow tighter grab the phone and minimize the chances of an accidental fall.

The same anti-slip properties gives the iPhone 6S Plus thin soft-touch case.

Another original way to protect the body of the smartphone - to put it Bumper silicon or aluminum. Thus smartphone ends remain intact even upon impact, and in the case of falling bumpers prevent occurrence of chipping and denting.

A considerable number of customers would like to receive an expanded set of features for the same price. So there were multifunctional protective covers. For example, in this model, the leg-stand, hidden in an inactive state inside the sheath body, keeps your smartphone in landscape orientation on the table.

Despite the impressive size, many choose to wear on your belt smartphones. To this end, some cases are equipped with a special clip on the rear panel.

On hard cover made of plastic can be applied to almost any structure, whether it be a tree or a stone, while its price remains at the level of ordinary plastic cases.

Cases made of plastic is one of the most common types of protective gadgets Due to the thickness of a few millimeters, they become a real shell and reliably safeguard against accidental disaster.

Their versatility lies in the fact that such cases easily decorate any available means: prints, engraving, hand finishing. In any case, your phone will stand out from the other devices.

If there is a problem as fully as possible to hide the body, but to preserve the ergonomics and easy access to the control buttons, you must pay attention to the case with full coverage of the case.

Some accessories are made of unusual materials. Bright representatives - covers with leather texture and a special compartment on the back cover.

X-Level specializes in producing a variety of covers, including the artificially aged skin.

Covers the mirror surface with a transparent lid can for example be used as a handheld mirror.

Another typical scenario is the use of transparent covers - quickly answer incoming calls. The greatest popularity was received by transparent covers Rock, which were developed taking into account all features of the "apple" smartphone.

Case-book has long proven to be easy and reliable defender of mobile devices. Furthermore, they are nice to the touch and relatively cheap.

Cases Jison Case, despite the extremely small thickness, are able to transform into a stand for your phone and can easily withstand the weight.

Like the 2014 model, iPhone 6S Plus has received numerous functional covers with windows. Models with a single cutaway offer, such as quick access to the clock.

Advanced models as well as models with a transparent cover above, allow reject incoming calls without opening the front cover of the cover.

In other cases for these purposes, the second window is provided.

Maximum protection from bumps and falls from a height offer covers hybrid consisting of a soft base and reinforced frame. Last protrudes slightly above the screen, so that he did not break when falling flat.

Verus V5 Neo offers cover from the hard frame and soft back panel.

A multicomponent Case made of metal and tempered cover raises the level of protection to a new level.

Nillkin introduced to many modern smartphones reinforced bumper Armor Frame.

Luphie offers owners of iPhone 6S Plus brutal aluminum bumper with chamfered corners and the inner shock-absorbing layer.

Also for the iPhone 6S Plus available set of universal holders and removable wire.

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