Review of Apple iPhone 6 smartphone - the "apple" Revolution!

iPhone 6
iPhone 6

Apple finally decided to take drastic measures - iPhone 6's flagship was not only powerful and energy efficient "iron" in comparison to its predecessor, but increased to 4.7-inch screen plus a completely new designs. In addition, we meet here for the updated and improved camera with a lot of different useful functions. But that still allow it to "American apple" to press on the market not less than "thoroughbred" All Android-competitors in the flagship class, say on.

Packaging and delivery set of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 boxes get not quite flagship - white thick cardboard with embossed silhouette on the front side of the smartphone. Just for fun, you can assume that Apple's in such a hurry with the release of new products that simply do not have time to paint it. In any case, the packaging does not look tacky, although originally - because no one else was nothing like this.

Of notable elements on it except two colorful logo of the manufacturer on the sides and stickers with the specifications, IMEI and serial number on the back.

But inside all is traditional for "apple" smartphone - iPhone 6 "stacked" in a special plastic "tub", underneath the envelope with the iPhone user manual, stickers, and a paper clip to open the slot with SIM-card. In fact, the bottom is a tray with a power adapter, Lightning-cable and headphones EarPods in the company's case.

Design and materials of the body iPhone 6

About the design of the new iPhone 6 can argue for a long time - of some such radical changes in the appearance of the smartphone compared to its predecessors shocked, others on the contrary rejoiced fresh trends.

The sixth generation of the popular model's appearance has changed dramatically. Apparatus "said goodbye" with sharp edges and right angles - they were replaced by sleek, rounded marginalia and glass Gorilla glass 3 completely covers the front panel and slowly turning into one-piece aluminum body, forming with it so visually coherent whole.

Materials, as indeed befits a flagship, from the category of premium - anodized aluminum 6000 series, hardened for extra strength, plus the already mentioned above the heavy-duty glass from Corning.

However, he was here too, although the minimum amount - white plastic insert, concealing an antenna. It is this element of the structure of many causes and controversial feelings about the new design "apple" flagship - strip on the back cover is visually slightly "cheapen" smartphone.

By the way, they use a kind of "know-how" for Apple - previous iPhone models, as you remember, the antenna integrated into the body itself, such as the iPhone 4 / 4s, and iPhone 5 / 5s used the insertion of glass.

Regarding this sensational "malaise" of the new iPhone 6 as the deformation when worn in the front pocket of his trousers, then it is shown, is not exactly a test 4.7-inch model, even taking into account the thickness only 6.9 mm.

The unit case - monolithic, no flex and does not emit the slightest squeak even when a sufficiently strong squeezing. Of course, a very serious pressure to bend the aluminum will permanently and unsuccessful "landing" on the fifth point with the device in your back pocket can end tragically for absolutely any smartphone, including Apple novelties.

Thanks to a smooth forms and the minimum thickness of the iPhone 6, despite the fact that its diagonal compared to its predecessor has increased from 4 to 4.7 inches, perfectly in the hand, do not strive to slip out of it. Fortunately, Apple's usability issues taken care of users, providing control mode with one hand «Reachability». Activates the last double-tap of the Home button on.

As with last year's iPhone 5S, «apple Six" is available in three body colors - silver, gold and dark gray.

The functional elements

iPhone 6, with the exception of "Home" button with a metal rim, and built in it a fingerprint scanner Touch ID, covers protective glass Gorilla Glass 3, the entire front panel.

Over the 4.7-inch display of the device is the peephole front FaceTime HD camera, ambient light sensors and proximity, as well as hardly noticeable earpiece.

On the right edge of the device is arranged power button and a slot for nanoSIM-card.

On the left "marginalia" placed the volume rocker and mute switch.

The bottom end is occupied by 3.5 mm audio jack, lightning interface, microphone and the output slot multimedia speaker, but the top remained empty of functional elements.

Rear panel of the smartphone is notable for the most popular "fruit" world logo, iPhone inscription data with the model number and serial number, as well as the withdrawal of the microphone noise reduction, two-color flash True Tone and eye round main iSight camera, framed by a metal ring.

Last somewhere half a millimeter, "sticks out" above the surface of the back of the smartphone. It looks, to put it mildly, "not according to Feng Shui," but in practice does not interfere with the comfortable use of the device. If not for the sapphire crystal that protects the eye photo module, the arrangement is, of course, would be fraught with rubbing the lens with time of the camera. By the way, one of the options to "get rid" of the bulging Lenses - wear your smartphone in a cover.

Display of iPhone 6

Special attention is given HD Retina display iPhone 6. It is used IPS-matrix with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a resolution of 1334x750 dots per inch pixel density - 326.

The image on the screen bright and sharp, has excellent detail, exceptional depth and color uniformity.

No pixilation even when zooming, you will not see here. Viewing angles widest - which angle is not vertical, the picture is still pretty clear and the color does not lose.

The same can be said about the behavior of the screen in the sun - the information on it remains perfectly legible even when the average brightness level. The latter, by the way, here is regulated, either manually or automatically.

The display has received oleophobic coating - on his finger nice slides and prints are easily erased. For the "do not give slack" during testing and Gorilla Glass 3 - save the screen from all kinds of scratches and other types of damage.

Touchscreen iPhone 6 has good responsiveness to touch - the characters are introduced almost simultaneously with the pressing.

Memory of iPhone 6

"On board the" test copy iPhone June 16 GB of internal memory, but on the market available as 64- and 128-gigabyte version of the smartphone. Slot for MicroSD-card for Apple traditionally does not.


RAM - 1 GB.

Performance of iPhone 6

The new generation of smartphone Apple traditionally received a new "iron" - Apple A7 chip was replaced by a much more powerful and energy-efficient 64-bit 2-core A8 processor with a clock speed of 1.4 GHz 6-core graphics PowerVR GX6650 and coprocessor M8 motion. Last intended to "liberate" the A8 from performing simple tasks - primarily on data about the user's actions received from the sensors.

Another important component of the "iron fillings" iPhone 6 - the new graphics technology Metal, which is part of iOS 8. It is optimized so that the CPU and GPU can work together to display detailed graphics and sophisticated visual effects. In practice, its use "saturate" image rich special effects and make it as detailed.

With such equipping iPhone 6 damn quick and confirm it is not only evaluating numerous benchmarks, but also the results of the real everyday use - the interface "fly", without exception, applications run fast and run, high-definition video playback with no problems and run even the most resource-intensive games.

Wireless modules and interfaces of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 supports almost all popular wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0 with support for A2DP, Assisted GPS, GLONASS, iBeacon positioning technology and even NFC. However, the functionality of the last "cut" - it is solely for contactless payments via Apple Pay.

In the presence of smartphone also the possibility to make calls over Wi-Fi and LTE-module (up to 150 Mbit / s) with support for communication functions Voice over LTE.

Battery life

Autonomy iPhone 6, I would compare to that of my "apple Five", although the Apple promised by energy efficient CPU in the "survivability" growth at the level of 10-20%.

The manufacturer, for example, promises to 11:00 video playback, 50 hours of audio playback 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi and up to 14 hours of talk time in 3G-networks.

I am also a full charge the battery of the smartphone capacity of 1810 mAh, in practice, with moderate activity every day Web surfing, work in social networks and email, using the same Viber, and the Hangouts, and of a dozen calls and as many photos on the camera missed an average of the end of the day. However, if you dig a little bit into the settings and disable the options as much as possible, consuming energy, it is possible to extend the life of the machine even for an hour at least.

Camera of iPhone

The iPhone 6 two cameras - 8MP main iSight and FaceTime 1.2Mp front. Their solution is left, as you can see, at the level of last year's model, however, both have been significantly upgraded.

FaceTime camera has an improved sensor, a fast lens with an aperture f / 2.2, support for recording video and HDR-burst, as well as face detection function.

In practice, it is a good job, not only for its primary task - providing high-quality video, but also allows you to Self, who is not ashamed to "post it" in the same Instagram.

The main iSight camera is equipped with 8-megapixel sensor with a pixel size of 1.5 microns, diaphragm f/2.2, 5-element lens system, a hybrid IR filter, autofocus systems and automatic image stabilization, face detection function and automatic activation during HDR photography, panoramic mode ( with a resolution of up to 43Mp) and burst mode.

But its main "highlight" - a new technology Focus Pixel, responsible for fast autofocus on moving subjects for a photo or a video clip. Thanks to the iPhone 6 camera focuses much faster compared to the PV modules "apple" of the previous generation of smartphones.

In addition, it is rarely wrong with the color reproduction, thanks to the dual LED flash True Tone is good at taking a picture in the dark or in low light, and the photos are themselves balanced in color and detail.

Test photos

For both photo modules available timer mode, a set of different filters and exposure controls.

The front camera records HD-video and basic Full HD at 30 yl 60 frames / sec, and also to carry HD-lapse shooting, the so-called slow motion video at 120 or 240 frames / sec. An example of this video can be found here. In video mode, provides continuous AF function, face detection, video stabilization and cinematic time-lapse shooting.

The latter is called TimeLapse and optimizes the number of frames per second, depending on the length of the video, but simply put, you can shoot a couple of minutes or a few hours, and the result is a very short, but entertaining movie.

It also supports the ability to still image during video recording and linking videos to your shooting.

The only "flaw" of the main photo module iPhone 6 as compared with the same 6 Plus - lack of support for optical image stabilization. The rest of the camera smartphone can rightly be called one of the best in the mobile market.

Speakers and Audio of iPhone 6

Multimedia speaker Iphone 6 well heard and the noise of the street, and from the next room through the closed door.

Conversational speaker is also loud, and caller's voice sounds clear and natural.

Software of  iPhone 6

Phone 6 runs on iOS 8.1 control that supports proprietary features: AirPlay, multitasking, QuickType keyboard application "Health" and "Family Access", head assistant of Siri, Internet service with support for iCloud Drive push-technology, file transfer technology to Wi-Fi AirDrop, Spotlight search and more.

One of the interesting features of the smartphone software - Support for control mode with one hand «Reachability», lowering the icons in the lower part of the display, as well as «DisplayZoom» function, magnifying interface elements.

The only thing that can cause problems for users of device - not adapted for the new screen resolution of third-party applications. However, the latter is only a matter of time, day by day those getting smaller.


"The best of the best just got better!". Approximately so pathetic, I would characterize the new iPhone 6. Those features that the manufacturer has implemented it, we my opinion, make it one of the most powerful and fastest smartphones available on the market today.

In addition to high-performance "iron" to its main advantages is also going to take a great demand c display today diagonal display and the broadest viewing angle, high-profile speakers, plus great cameras with a huge number of various shooting modes and effects. But novelties design on the fan, although I, frankly, have taken to heart its rounded forms a thin metal shell.

Contradictory remains only the price tag - about $ 850 for the 16-gigabyte model. This is clearly a cost not only for the top-end "iron fillings" and traditionally one of the most popular brands. However, those 10 million people who have purchased the iPhone 6 in its first week of sales, the question is not exactly worried.


  • Thin metal case;
  • Good ergonomics / control mode with one hand «Reachability»;
  • Great display with the widest viewing angles;
  • High performance;
  • Excellent camera with rich functionality;
  • Loud quality speakers.


  • Limited functionality NFC;
  • Protruding camera module (subjective);
  • Cost.