iPhone 7: what will be the new smartphone from Apple?

Everyone is concerned about what will be the new iPhone 7? I'm sure some fall asleep and wake up, monitors the news. And while we wait, and we believe other vendors, yielding rumored to overtake Apple with the announcement by embedding that "we do not know how to use, but we have it and we are the first." I'm with you I will try to figure out what will be the brand new iPhone 7. Read: User manuals for iPhones

iPhone 7: what will be the new smartphone from Apple?
iPhone 7: what will be the new smartphone from Apple?

What    we already    know about  the iPhone 7?


With the iPhone upgrade is stable, annual change hardware, maintaining a similar shape, every two years - appearance. But 2016 could be the end of an era of change. The photo caught in a network of new forms of preserved 6, and 6S, changing only the location of the antenna splitters.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 7
iPhone 6 and iPhone 7

But the housing unit may survive more radical changes. Looking back on the iPhone 6S, recall the decision to isolate the handset from water ingress. On the complete moisture protection yet no one spoke, but the idea was in the air. And now the best time to implement such a possibility. In recent months, many resources as possible reported moisture and dust protection.

Ah yes, say goodbye to your favorite switch to vibrate (or on Pro- Plus-version), it can be removed to reduce the movable elements, the water will be more difficult to play a prank within the housing, and the phone will reset in size. A similar solution we saw in the iPad Air (now it is thinner than a pencil!). However, the news is the biggest doubt, because the provided picture shows a phone that does not differ accuracy of performance, and to refuse such a tough way to go to silent mode will blunder on the part of Apple.

3.5mm jack?

The news that a body may lose all your favorite headphone jack, appeared at a time when the "potential" iPhone Case from 7 in the new version of its lost notch under it. Fears will soon confirm the absence and in the spy photos (they say that now in the end of the phone instead of one will be as much as two speakers, amazing). Failure to plug the phone will give you the opportunity to even thinner and, again, help moisture protection.

How, then, to listen to music? Things get even more interesting. Opportunities will be a few, according to 9to5Mac. Apple is developing a complete wireless headphones (provided in collaboration with Beats), to the first time that it was through listening.

Plus on the market for available models, which are connected by the connector Lightning. This connection may be an order of magnitude better sound quality, the track is transmitted in digital form and can be converted on a built-in DAC headphone - audiophiles rejoice.


The biggest holivar develop around the camera with the theories of how many of them will be, why they are there and what to do. Let's start with the usual iPhone at 4.7 inches. In the last photo we see a very real image of what awaits us. The camera carefully added in the amount of sticks and even more, perhaps, in "Baby-iPhone" optical add video stabilization. The increase in physical size in theory brings significant improvement of quality photos, especially in the dark, as a large matrix gets more light - and farewell to digital noise. For such advantages, I'm sure many would be willing to put up with the protruding camera.

On Plus \ Pro version of the two modules will be installed. Ways and ideas to implement them fully: and additional b / w matrix and the camera to blur the background in portraits (similar to the idea, which has been in HTC One line), and the ability to change the focal length, and even all-forgotten 3D. The most realistic, in my opinion, is a variable focal length, as G5 Reputation:, which is realized by the fact that one sensor is a wide-angle lens, and the second - a portrait (to have a longer focal length). This theory is supported by several shots module that appeared on the Internet, where you can see the difference between the matrices. If the rumors are true, then no additional lenses are not needed, and Plus \ Pro it will be just a feature-killer in the world of mobile photographers. The main thing - not to lose stabilization, body sizes of the matrices are forced to fear such an outcome.

The overall chip both models could be the camera turns off the system in prohibited places. Now you are no spy photos from the set of your favorite series or movies with closed presentations. An additional feature of this system can be pop-up notifications in contact with a particular object in the picture (for example, the ability to immediately buy a ticket, photographed concert banner advertising).

However, the probability that this function gets into iOS release version 10, is very small.

What will happen with the button Home?

Cowen and Company analysts said in June this year, the presence of buttons Home c Force Touch, and the idea was supported a lot of resources. It is based on a complete rejection of the physical buttons on the mechanism and replacement of analogue touchpad in the Macbook, press simulates a vibration mechanism. This means that the "button" easy to fool your nerves, and you really believe that a click occurred. Again, minus the physical mechanism and cracks where water can get there (hello, moisture protection).

Technical characteristics of iPhone 7

The most interesting of the internal filling - a change in the type of matrix with IPS on the OLED or the AMOLED, a technology that has a number of advantages, such as: true black, lower panel thickness, vibrant colors and minimal battery consumption in the standby mode, when the picture does not change, that can give a good push in the iPhone survivability. As the "heart" comes to us the fourth generation of 64-bit processors in the face of the A10, which will increase capacity, reduce the load time of applications and will make you 30 percent better than you were before. If it is serious, and the current generation shows impeccable performance, while the new chip will enable developers to create really great things, because the new iPhone will escalate and memory up to 3GB. Now even more browser tabs and running applications you will be able to keep in the background without the need to restart. The Android-world, this volume does not seem very large, but Apple optimization works wonders, and phone with 2 GB of great feeling in 2016. Built-in memory with funny older 16GB to 32GB acceptable in the base case. In total there will be three: 32, 64 and 128GB, it is also possible that the model for the Plus / Pro version will drive to 256GB.

So the revolution and will not be here, there is an improvement of - that is. Good or bad - you decide, but I think this is great news, because the company does not strive to impress all extraordinary design and built-in projector. They make a good product even better, adding those little things which we lacked in the previous model, simultaneously correcting annoying cons (a strong body 6S compared to 6, for example).

And the last small detail that few people noticed in the photos. 3, the contact pads on the back cover of the phone. Modules with additional features or cover-powerbank?