How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

IPhone allows you to take photos of sufficient quality, that it can be comfortably viewed on your computer. However, the process of transferring photos from your IPhone to your computer often causes users - complexity. In this article we will try to solve this problem, here you can learn how to transfer photos from iphone to computer running Windows or Mac OS X.

How to transfer a photo from your iPhone to a Windows computer

If your computer runs on a Windows operating system, then you are lucky. On the Windows computer, photos are thrown off very simply. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable. After that, the computer will recognize your iPhone as a physical drive and displays it in the "My Computer".

Opening the drive named «iPhone», you will see disc called «Internal Storage». It is also necessary to open.

Now you will see a folder available on your iPhone. Here you need to open the folder «DCIM».

The last step - the folder «100APPLE». Open her.

All you got to the pictures. In order to to transfer them in the computer simply drag them with the mouse to any folder.

How to transfer a photo from iPhone to MAC

If you have a computer with Mac OS X operating system, in order to throw off the photo with the iPhone, you will need the program "Image Capture". Typically, the program will start after the iPhone connection. But if it does not, then you can open the "Image Capture" on their own. To do this, you can resort to the integrated search in Mac OS X, called Spotlight. To do this, simply click on the search icon in the top right corner of the desktop and opened the search box enter the search query "Image Capture". The system will automatically find the right application and prompts you to open it.

Now, connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable and run "Image Capture" if it does not start itself.

After starting the program "Image Capture" to pay attention to the left side of the program. It will display all devices connected to the computer. In this list, you need to select the iPhone from which you want to transfer photos to your computer.

Next you need to choose where you want to transfer photos from iphone. To do this, open the drop-down list at the bottom of the program window and select the appropriate option. Here you can select the "Desktop" folder "Pictures" or a program for working with photos.

Everything is now possible to start transferring photos from your iPhone to your computer. If you want to immediately to transfer all photos, you can simply click on the button "Import All". If you want to transfer only a few pictures, you can hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard, the mouse select the photos you want and click "Import".

It should be noted that the program "Image Capture" supports Drag & Drop. In other words, you can simply drag and drop photos from your window to your desktop or any other folder.