How to distinguish the original iPhone - from counterfeiting?

There are hundreds of clues, by which can be distinguished from a fake iPhone. It may be visual differences in the body, its dimensions, weights, materials, products, item location. Naturally, gadgets will have different characteristics and stuffing. But the most significant difference is still an operating system. All describe the differences does not make sense, because they are very, very much. User manuals for iPhones

Instead, we suggest to familiarize with the list of the most effective ways to help with a 100% chance to distinguish an original siphon - from its counterfeits. Moreover, these methods are equally effective for both regular users of Apple products, and for those people who are acquainted with her for the first time. Please note that these tips are applicable only in the case if the iPhone is bought with the hands, or the offline store. If the device is to be ordered over the Internet - get a "pig in a poke" ..

Define visually

Previously, it was easier, because the fake immediately conspicuous: the presence of TV antennas, are not particularly high-quality assembly, Apple could be "bitten" on the other hand, and other obvious mistakes. Now this can be found only in a very cheap devices. Now other times, manufacturers have learned to make quality copies so that even fans of Apple products often can not identify the visual differences between the original and the fake.

iPhone 6 original and copy
iPhone 6 original and copy

Sometimes, even in the relatively expensive replicas found "peccadillo": the back cover is removable, and under it you can see the battery slot for two SIM cards and memory card slot. Then, as the original to remove the cover is only one way: to unscrew the screws. To this day, not issued a single iPhone with two SIM, and the ability to install an external storage drive. But at this stage it is not so smooth: do not folding body is not so difficult, as well as to establish a slot for a SIM side. Now even the Lightning connector instead put MicroUSB - not undermine.

Define software

No matter how sophisticated or was a fake outside, it is always possible to "calculate" software. Consider the most effective options.

Store applications

Operating system any iPhone - iOS. Quality replica run on the Android OS. Best copies are equipped with a sheath that is not just like the original - it is completely copy all elements of the interface, to the smallest detail. Even the presence of a set of proprietary, pre-installed applications. But what we are still not able to fake - this app store.

Simply click on the App Store icon and make sure that if fake, will run anything - Google Play, or any other analogue online application store. But not the App Store. Below you can see an example of the actual interface brand store software from Apple.

app store
app store

Serial number

For this method require access to the Internet from any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet) - it does not matter. On the alleged forgery open the "Settings" icon, select the "General" section, look for the item "About your device". Scroll down the list, find the item "serial number". Next, go to your browser from any other device, and open this page.

Carefully rewrite iPhone serial number in the special field. After clicking the "Continue" button S / N will be checked in the database Apple's authenticity. If fake, we find the inscription: "Sorry, this serial number is not correct." If the original, we get a variety of information about the device (as well as the warranty repair, etc..).

Connecting to a PC via iTunes

Any real iPhone can connect to your computer via iTunes. Downloaded to a PC or laptop iTunes software from the official site, install it, and run. Connect the iPhone via a cable to USB-port on the PC. If the original, the program recognizes the iPhone, and start synchronizing. If nothing happens, it means dealing with a fake.


The easiest way to buy from authorized resellers: in this case, the ability to face the fraud is minimized. If you want to buy a cheaper iPhone (b / y with the hands, or in a stall / basement), use the tips from this article, and, slowly, check the gadget on all counts.