Review Huawei P9 Lite: less - is better?

While fancy, unusual expensive for the "Chinese" Huawei P9 is trying to compete with the European leaders, and his younger "brother" Huawei P9 Lite, gets a little smaller size and much more adequate price, it remains in the comfort of long-lived-in niche. He was not given any second main chamber or super-stuffing, but provided a fingerprint reader, a classy display and all corporate functions EMUI shell.

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Specifications Huawei P9 Lite (VNS-L21)

  • Display: IPS LCD, 5,2 ", 1920x1080, 424 ppi
  • Processor: eight-Hisilicon Kirin 650 (4x 1.8 GHz, 2.0 GHz, 4)
  • Graphics Accelerator: Mali-T830
  • Operating system: Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Huawei EMUI 4.1
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Internal memory: 16 GB
  • Memory card support: microSD up to 128 GB
  • Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz || UMTS 900/1900/2100 MHz || LTE 1, 3, 7, 8, 20
  • SIM: 2x nano-SIM
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.1 (A2DP, LE), NFC
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS
  • Camera: Basic - 13 Mn (f / 2.0, a pixel size of 1.12 nm), the front - 8 MP
  • Sensors: position in space, light, accelerometer, microgyro, compass, pedometer, a fingerprint reader
  • Battery: non-removable, Li-Pol, 3000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 146,8x72,6x7,5 mm
  • Weight: 147 grams

Packaging equipment

As often happens, the smartphone is brought to the test in the editor without the box. The official website states that included Huawei P9 Lite is the charger, micro-USB cable, headset and user manual.


The younger model line had the body easier than the leader - there is much less metal, but it looks like Huawei P9 Lite still cool. Side frames made of metal, with beveled edges and rounded corners, and the back cover is made of hard plastic with a matte texture. This is not some cheap plastic housing unit - in the case of Huawei P9 Lite workmanship, small thickness (7.5 mm) and a matte metal creates an excellent impression. Slightly spoils it just glossy inset on the back surface, and then - to taste. Beneath it, in the central portion of the rear panel is a fingerprint scanner.

The buttons activate and control the volume of the metal look, but they are actually plastic. They are located on the right side of the device. The other buttons are no - "Menu", "Back" and "Home" are built into the interface and appear on the screen.

Headphone jack are traditionally placed at the upper end, and micro-USB - in the lower.

The voice speaker is imposed on top of the front panel, and two main speakers are arranged symmetrically on the bottom.

Combined slot microSD memory card slot with the second SIM-card and removed using the "clip".


The smartphone has a comfortable size and weight that does not tire the hand. No claims to its ergonomics is not - the manufacturer took care of the comfortable arrangement of buttons, not slippery texture of the body with one hand and program mode.

In addition, the smartphone does not get dirty, despite the bright colors: on the back cover there except that very small spots, invisible, if they are not considered specifically.


The Huawei P9 Lite is IPS-matrix with a diagonal of 5.2 "and a resolution of Full HD (1920x1080).

The screen is excellent: very small frame (even taking into account common tricks in the form of a black bezel, which visually extends the display), the viewing angles are good.

Brightness want to slightly increase as the sun screen feels insecure and pale. Color and clarity almost ideal - natural colors with the possibility of flexible configuration and the individual pixels can be distinguished only with great difficulty. At default settings, the display colors a little chilly, and it's the only negative, if it is necessary to find.


Huawei P9 Lite running proprietary shell EMUI 4.1 based on the latest Android version. It looks very nice: smooth minimalist icons, fine lines, translucent panels.

The fingerprint scanner, as well as all the latest smartphones Huawei, working not only to unlock the gadget, but also as a small touch-pad. With this panel, you can do a little selfie and flip through the photos in the gallery. However, the usual way to scroll through - with your thumb on the screen - it seems still a little bit more comfortable ... or just more common. Swipe on the scanner down causes the notifications panel, and if not then do swipe to the right, all notices deleted. Finally, the touch sensor can respond to the call, but  classic method seems a little convenient. Note that all these steps (except unlock) Fingerprint Registration is not required, so if you prefer not to protect the smartphone password or fingerprint, the advanced features of the system will still be available.

Fires scanner is a very fast, and the week of the test was only two or three occasions when he did not immediately recognize the fingerprint.

In this version of the shell appeared application "Health" - in fact, it is a pedometer with additional features, which is able to partially replace the fitness tracker. Conveniently, the number of steps appears on the lock screen. Attachment leads statistics: total number of steps for the week and month, the average per day, how many calories spent (there is a calculation based on entered at the beginning of the use of data on height, weight and age of the user). Calculation of the estimated, but not too much at odds with the testimony of other trackers.

The shell has a function for one-handed operation - with swipe Management menu (from the "Back" button to button "Menu" or vice versa) interface is scaled and shifted to the right or left side. In the settings menu, you can also enable the reduction of the keyboard, in this case, too, it will be shifted to one side of the screen. Move back and forth interface window, and the keyboard can be directly during use.

Another interesting feature is "long" screenshot (when removed not just an image on the screen, and the entire list or web-page) and edit the screenshot, including drawing on it.

As always - Huawei offers many themes that you can download from the online shop.

The apparatus in the work

Lightweight version, as well as the flagship, got branded processor, but modest - of Kirin 650 is followed by "gentlemen's set" average person unit - 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal.

Major performance issues with this configuration are not available, a slowdown in the work only one to feel, who, for some reason switched to this model with a more powerful. Long use of a browser with multiple tabs is not irritating - good smartphone recognizes the touch and does not slow down when using the Internet. Problems with video playback is no.

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes: play completely comfortable.
Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes: play completely comfortable.
Lara Croft: Relic Run: fine, minor hang animation.
Lara Croft: Relic Run: fine, minor hang animation.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus: the game went well, there were only slight braking.
Godfire: Rise of Prometheus: the game went well, there were only slight braking.
World of Tanks Blitz: significant problems were not, the body is not warmed up, which often happens when you run this game on devices average. Noticeable long loading locations.
World of Tanks Blitz: significant problems were not, the body is not warmed up, which often happens when you run this game on devices average. Noticeable long loading locations.

Benchmarks set Huawei P9 Lite following estimates:

Sounds Huawei P9 Lite better than P8 Lite: increased volume of the main speakers and the sound distinctness. The same can be said about the sound in the headphones - has improved the clarity and volume of the music, plus the player has an equalizer, allowing to add volume and bass. everything is good to average.


As P9 is, the camera application has received a lot of shooting modes, including a professional with a lot of options. Mode settings can be called swipe to the right and the picture settings - to the left.

Pictures are not struck by the high level of detail and wide dynamic range of the one who was accustomed to, and the flagship camera phone, but it removes the smartphone is better than the previous generation device, Huawei P8 Lite. Color reproduction is quite good, very fast focused smartphone. Night photography - clearly not skate Huawei P9 Lite, a photo in the dark and dusk are often fuzzy and noisy.

Wireless interfaces

The Huawei P9 Lite can install two SIM-cards nano-SIM format (the second slot can be occupied by a memory card). The radio in the smartphone one.

All kinds of mobile and LTE work perfectly - the gadget quickly connected to the network and does not suffer disconnection. Just stably modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Standalone operation

The Huawei P9 Lite installed battery capacity of 3000 mAh. With continuous playback of HD-video (maximum brightness of the screen, in "Flight" mode, the system) smartphone lasted seven o'clock - a good result. But during the day the charge, nevertheless, have to save, even to abandon all unnecessarily. The gadget is kept until the evening (or almost till evening), if you use it for communication, the Internet, social networks, and how the camera. Not once came in handy software power-saving modes that can extend the gadget to work for an hour or two. In sleep mode, if a smartphone does not use it, it will discharge no more than a couple of percent per night. What's Huawei P9 Lite platform is not very self: an hour of the game takes a quarter of the charge, or even more.


Customers accustomed to the fact that the gadgets from China cost less than European and American competitors with similar characteristics. In this regard, Huawei P9 Lite looks familiar to the audience - $ 300, a fingerprint scanner, Full HD-screen and let not such a super, as the Kirin 955 at the flagship model, but powerful processor Kirin 650. It is not just weak on "hardware" device with a loud the name of the flagship, and a full, independent gadget with big ambitions and good prospects.


  • fast fingerprint reader with additional features;
  • quality display.


  • a moderate performance;
  • problems with night shooting.