How to replace cell phone screen?

Operation of cell phones comes at a furious pace. And indeed the life of modern man is an extraordinary speed. So many different events going on every day: work, rest, exercise, visitors, meetings. And in this maelstrom of people has been losing control over trifles. And a phone that was sandwiched chin during a call, when you tried to remove their belongings in the car, fell flat and hit the asphalt. Screen broken . And it would not be a cause for frustration, if not for a number of circumstances. You have a lot of today are not made of affairs and meetings, on account of which it is necessary to call and negotiate, and the rooms are all on the phone. That's really sad. Try to understand the situation and find a way out of it.

cell phone screen cracked
Cell phone screen cracked

Firstly, it is worth remembering that the mechanical damage may be damaged not only the screen and the device recovery can be a pipe dream, and therefore it would be wise to keep somewhere in a safe place a backup copy, if not all the memory device, at least notebook.

Secondly, it is necessary to copy, at least the most desired phone numbers in the sim-card, since the phone's mechanical damage, it is likely that it will remain intact, and thus you will be able to quickly take advantage of the necessary numbers.

Third, we should not forget that any cell phone, even having a shock-resistant casing, it does not tolerate mechanical stresses, and any fall for it could result in not only a broken display, but the damage to the system board, and it is actually the death machine. Accordingly, it is best to avoid such tests for your cell phone.

Repair cracked screen phone

But if you still got into trouble, and all the above precautions do not have time to observe, that there is only one path phone-repair. In most cases, you can do just by replacing the cell phone screen (LCD display).

This repair is the hardware and does not affect the software, user settings and personal information. So in the case of replacement of screen you will not have to worry about the safety of your data on your phone.

Separately, it should be noted that this type of repair, many users are accustomed to consider the simplest of all performed. However, this is a misconception. Quickly and without harmful consequences for the machine replacement cell phone screen can be made only by specially trained and having experience phone repair - engineer. Individual replacement of experiments on screen do not give reason to expect a successful outcome of this operation, the next time. Moreover, one awkward movement and you can detach screen from the system board connector. This, depending on your personal "good luck" may have the most serious consequences for the unit. So do not trust the apparent cost even seemingly simple repair amateurs, if you certainly do not want to repeatedly increase the cost of repairs or the loss of the final operating condition.

If you contact the service center for the replacement of screen you can count on professional services as soon as possible. Typically, screen replacing the service center takes 15-30 minutes. After replacing the client receives a guarantee for the repair and the ability to fully use your phone.

After replacing screen

After replacing the cell phone screen do not forget about the observance of the rules of operation of your phone and basic precautions. This will prevent unexpected costs for repair and nerve cells spending due to the inability to use their phone, and information stored in it.