Doogee Y6: a master of  wide-angle photo

Cheap smartphones often resemble each other, but Doogee Y6 is not one of them. The smartphone is available in case of matt anodised aluminum, intriguing modification to the moon-blue color and generally full of surprises: a quality Sharp's display, the main camera the Samsung, and most importantly - extremely wide-angle camera for selfi that not only automatically smoothes out the photographs of skin imperfections, but and allows some parts of the body to increase. To learn how to become a virtual Doogee Y6 plastic surgeon, and other features of the gadget to read the review.

Technical specifications Doogee Y6

  • Screen: 5,5 ", IPS, 1280x720, 267 ppi
  • Processor: eight core MediaTek MT6750, 1,5 GHz
  • Graphics Accelerator: Mali-T860
  • Operating System: Android 6.0
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Internal memory: 16 GB
  • Memory card support: microSD up to 128 GB
  • Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz || UMTS 850/900/2100 MHz || LTE 1, 3, 7, 20
  • SIM: micro-SIM + nano-SIM (combined slot)
  • Wireless interfaces: WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Navigation: GPS (A-GPS), GLONASS
  • Camera: Basic - 16 megapixels (flash, autofocus), front - 8 megapixels (flash, autofocus)
  • Sensors: proximity, light, accelerometer, microgyro, compass
  • Battery: 3200 mAh non-removable
  • Dimensions: 154,2x77,5x8,5 mm
  • Weight: 197 grams

Box content and Packaging

The smartphone comes in a dense compact box of dark color. Comes to the device goes Charger (5V / 2A), "clip" for the card tray, the film on the screen, cloth to wipe it and the transparent cover, and user manual.


On review, unfortunately, did not get the most exotic variant of the device in the colors "black piano" - testing the device took place in a classic aluminum case.

Right side of the unit is covered 2,5D-glass with curved edges. At the bottom of the frame below the screen are touch buttons without illumination. At the top is the earpiece, front LED flash and selfi camera.

On the right side are located the volume rocker and the power button.

Port micro-USB, microphone and external speaker output to the lower end.

3.5mm audio jack is traditionally located on the top left, on the left side of the casing is a combined card slot.

The back cover of device made of anodized aluminum, which creates an interesting contrast with other metal edging texture.

At the top of the rear side is slightly recessed into the cabinet, fingerprint sensor and an outwardly about a millimeter main camera lens.

Overall, smartphone design produces a very nice impression. Do Gadget have a personality, manifested in the nuances of the hull shape and rounded contours that complement each other well with 2,5D-glass. Workmanship is quite good, however, in our sample with strong pressure in the rear center of the cover could be heard a little creaking.


Sloping edges and rounded corners of the housing partially negate the disadvantages inherent in a large smartphone, but do not remove them completely. Soup can be used with one hand, if you include a special mode in the interface, but because of the tangible rather big weight and dimensions make it still uncomfortable.
The body is not slippery, but there is a feeling of uncertainty and fear of dropping the 197-gram gadget from the hands, so this smartphone is better to don the cover from the kit.


The gadget is equipped with HD-display from Sharp and the first minutes of a pleasant eye pleasing saturated color reproduction, saturation which does not fade even with a decrease in the brightness of the backlight. The corners do not cause complaints review, automatic brightness adjustment function is present and working correctly. Screen backlight does not flickers, its minimum level is comfortable for reading screen smartphone in the dark, and the maximum provides good visibility when using the unit outdoors in the daytime.

Support of additional color options there, but they are not required - the screen is initially well-tuned correctly displays the white color and does not tire the eyes.

And yet HotKnot Smartphone supports technology that lets through the touch screen to quickly transfer data between devices that support this protocol.


The smartphone runs on Android 6.0. Screen lock and blind notifications presented in katabatic variant, but the icons of applications manufacturer has completely changed.

The application for the exchange of SMS and "dialer" hardly changed, only the dialer keypad for not one, but three additional buttons that let you quickly navigate to the application "Contacts". Cyrillic in the digital block is not present, but the search for contacts on the Russian can be performed using the system keyboard.

Manufacturer focused on the optional features on the smartphone management. So by putting a couple of ticks in the system settings, you can activate the release off the screen by double-tapu, to add support for a variety of gestures and gain the ability to instantly turn on the flashlight by holding the softkey "Home."

In addition, the system has a kind of a floating menu that is included separately in the settings. Once it is activated the display shows a small circle that appears on top of all the windows, through which you can turn off and turn off the touch buttons during play to activate the recording of what is happening on the screen, turn on a tiny music player mode of the floating window, create handwritten gestures (working independently from similar system of gestures) and perform other operations.

Do not forget about the fingerprint reader. In addition to the direct purpose it can be used as the shutter button is pressed while taking pictures, music player control, to scroll through the images in the "Gallery", run applications and password-locked for making calls or reset.

Pre-installed applications in the system a little bit - there is radio, a basic Google services, energy manager, Explorer utility for fast file transfers from your phone to a PC via Wi-Fi, a program for creating backups and office suite.

Apparatus in the work

Inside smartphone works MTK6750 processor. In it eight cores, and the maximum clock frequency can reach 1.5 GHz. Graphics Processing Unit in the system - Mali-T860, memory - 2 GB (Piano Black Series in the same model of "RAM" 3 GB).

In normal everyday tasks device does not pull up and running very fast.

With playback video in all formats under the screen resolution is not a problem.

But do not forget that the "filling" in the smart phone is not a top, and wait for an incredible speed, especially when multitasking on this device is not necessary.

The sound quality when listening to music in a "stop-gap" midrange pretty decent, but, as in many other low-cost smartphones, stock volume is small.

The benchmarks Doogee stars from the sky is not enough, but it produces predictable numbers.

In games smartphone proved to be a very modest, but the play is still possible, if the decrease in the level of detail graphics settings.

Fingerprint scanner is clear, but with a half-second lag response. Of the 20 test sensor unlocks learned master's finger 16 times.


For photographing the program at first glance it has a standard set of features, but there is in it, and additional functions that appear after the shutter (more about them later, when we will speak about the front camera).

The main camera is used as a 13-megapixel Samsung module with improved fast autofocus technology to refocus in tracking mode in less than a second.

Photo quality is quite good in daylight. In rooms with artificial lighting smartphone photographs is acceptable, but during the night shooting in dark areas in the photographs shown a large amount of digital noise.

In front camera eight megapixel sensor, and most importantly, a lens with a very wide viewing angle - 88 degrees. This means that without the use of selfi stick, holding the smartphone only at arm's length, you can easily make a self-portrait waist, fit into the frame of a few people and background in detail to capture the surroundings.

Despite the fact that the smartphone is heavy and has a strong, we can say, 'male' design, the camera is integrated in the software packed with features aimed at shooting photographic portraits of women. And it's not even the usual mode has skin smoothing in pictures, which for "frontalki" here works constantly, and on a set of very specific "stuff." For example, the preloaded software can recognize the shape of the face, eye contour and shape of the eyebrows, and then delete the photograph black dots, change the shape of the nose or chin, enlarge breasts, reduce cheeks, whiten teeth, virtually apply make-up and even put on a contact lens with a certain pattern. Automated algorithms in most cases work well, but if something went wrong, you can manually adjust the effect of each effect and adjust the markers on the borders of the face - with their help function automatically program algorithms.

Is such a complex software has been specifically designed for this smartphone? In fact, this unit, although not shown in the system as a standalone application - part of the popular program BeautySnap, one of the best virtual beauty studio for Android.

Wireless interfaces

The smartphone supports in 4G networks and 4G +, Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

To navigate using GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS. Receiver sensitivity is good, no problem catching even indoors near a window. "Hot start" almost instant "cold" - for 12 seconds.

The smartphone is set to non-removable battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh. Continuously play the video at the maximum brightness of the display device may be a period of seven and a half hours. Hour game Asphalt Extreme at average display brightness and enabled with Wi-Fi drained the battery by 20%. When combined daily use device confidently "live" on average one working day with a small margin - six o'clock the included screen.

To extend battery life, you can use the manager of energy saving, which allows not only to reduce the performance of the smartphone for more time to his work, but also enable tracking especially "hungry" applications, in time to stop their wasteful activity.


Although Doogee Y6 is positioned primarily as a youth device with an emphasis on selfi, in fact, it can be a good workhorse. Even if you do not take into account the advanced (and more specific) functionality for the front camera, for the price this is a very nice device with which it is possible to solve everyday problems, and even play a bit.


  • quality display;
  • Front camera extended viewing angle;
  • good sound quality headphones.


  • noise at night photo;
  • low performance in games.