Why DTEK50 is the most secure smartphone on Android

In all the years of presence on the market operating system Android, we are already well acquainted with one of its major concerns - security. The spread of malware and threats very spoiled this element works with the most popular platform. But the blame should not only the Google, but also producers of, which are often long delayed the release of new patches, which increased the vulnerability of devices.

Despite the many advantages in the use of smartphones on Android, we are all very concerned about the privacy of your files, since modern man phone - it's a place to store almost all the important information for life. In the video below you can hear all the thoughts about the problem by ordinary users.

When the company began to produce BlackBerry on the market BlackBerry PRIV  - it sought to solve this problem. Focusing all your Seeley on privacy and security, they have worked hard to improve all indicators. Having set the goal for the slogan that each device must be productive and safe a few days ago the company showed a new BlackBerry smartphone.

Why PRIV and DTEK50 stand at the head of devices when it comes to security? We have tried to describe the three main factors that help them to stay in these places.

Security from the start of use

The devices PRIV and safety DTEK50 active from the very beginning. Integrated hardware-based security ensures protection against break-ins, unlike other smartphones on Android.

Reducing the possibility of attack achieved by developers using patches and configuration changes to the Linux kernel enhanced.

randomization function encrypts the memory address space, which is used by the application, which is very utrudnyaet hacking devices.

BlackBerry Developers use a hardware root of trust, by which security keys are added to the processor for all devices. This helps to monitor and check the status of each smartphone, ensuring data integrity.

Secure the loader controls all the load, so the damage to the system may not be on your smartphone. All downloads are divided into several important stages, each of them is tested as thoroughly as possible.

A special system memory FIPS 140-2 encryption standard is considered to be a government that guarantees full protection of all personal information on the phone, even if the device was stolen.

Blackberry DTEK50
Blackberry DTEK50

For a long time after the purchase of BlackBerry DTEK50 -  the security system updated

Each update to Android smartphone alerts about new security bugs. The company notifies the BlackBerry DTEK50 and PRIV them much faster than the other manufacturers on the Android platform.

The rate of release of new security patches on BlackBerry devices is the fastest. Other manufacturers as they can be updated in a week or a few months, jeopardizing the device itself.

Special service BlackBerry Integrity Detection all the time to follow the action on DTEK50 and PRIV, and controls all the trade-offs in security. Analysis and protection starts immediately after the occurrence of any threats.

The whole world already knows about the experts of the BlackBerry, are constantly testing his company's smartphones for threats and malware challenges.

Continuous monitoring and visibility of Privacy

DTEK50 and PRIV  allow the owner to constantly monitor the security of all applications, and even the entire phone entirely. Also automatically developed proposals to enhance privacy.

DTEK - is an application for BlackBerry security, which is installed on each device. It is automatic and controls all events on your phone and notify you of potential problems with security and privacy violations. The program monitors the action without even requiring confirmation, and warns the user about the exchange of information.

BlackBerry company is ahead of all companies operating in the field of security, which proves their creations as a new device has already been called the most secure smartphone on Android. In support of wish to say that hundreds of governments from around the world have trusted the BlackBerry is.